My First Week in Los Angeles

My First Week in Los Angeles

It's official! I've been alone in Los Angeles for one whole week.  It's crazy to think that my dad left me seven days ago, and I won't see any of my friends until October when they move.  The next two months are going to be long.

What have I been up to in the past seven days? 

Immediately, I went back to the house I'm staying at.  The first day alone in a big city can be terrifying, and instead of embracing my new home and exploring, I stayed in my temporary bedroom and applied for jobs.  I can't be the only person that would do this?

I grew more adventurous throughout the week.  I spent an afternoon in Marina Del Rey, enjoying the ocean water that I had never seen prior.  I went to a mall that's about ten miles from my home (I needed some stuff from Target), but I stayed relatively close.  I don't like depending on others, but knowing that my safety and success is entirely in my own hands now is making me cautious.  

I've been really lucky and got an interview almost immediately, but unfortunately haven't heard anything back yet.  I'm endlessly applying for any job that I might be qualified enough for.  I've applied for barista positions and sales associate jobs.  I'm trying to stay positive with my impatience.  As long as the first week in Los Angeles without a job doesn't turn into four weeks, I'll be fine.

I'm used to traveling and moving around.  I moved to Missouri by myself, New York by myself, and now Los Angeles.  Everything else to this was cushioned, though.  I was always moving for school. To be in an environment where people could constantly look out for me.  Los Angeles is the cusp of my adulthood.  I don't have my family, my boyfriend, my best friends, or really anyone here, and that's scary.

Now that my first seven days have been spent, the clock continues to tick, and I continue to apply for all the jobs, cautiously extend my adventures out of my comfort zone, and stay positive.  Send me all of your positive energy and love as I sprint full force into my next chapter. 

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