The Nightmare That is Interviewing With Target

The Nightmare That is Interviewing With Target

In the past few weeks I have sent tons and tons of applications out into the world.  I have been applying to my dream jobs (that I meet qualifications for) as well as the local coffee shops that can help pay the bills.  I have multiple Target stores near my home, so I also applied there. Little did I know, the interview process was actually going to be agitating and miserable.

The application process wasn't very different from any other application that I've ever filled out. I got a call a few days later asking to schedule a phone interview. We set a date and time. That was that. 

When the day of my phone interview arrived, I was a little nervous.  I've never done one before! I have always gone into the location for interviews. I wasn't worried, though. I was positive and eager to get the interview over with.  The interviewer was scheduled to call at 1:15.  By one o'clock, I had my resume open on my laptop, my phone's ringer all the way up, and I was drinking warm tea while going over what I could say in my head.  When the clock hit 1:15, nothing happened. I was confused. Whatever. I am an understanding human, and I know that things can run late, so I decided to wait. 

I'm a very impatient woman, so at 1:45, I decided to call the store, just to check in.  I wasn't going to accuse them of anything.  For all I know, there could have been miscommunication, and I was supposed to call them!  When I called the store, I went through four different people before I ended talking to a woman that told me there were no phone interviews today. She hung up on me. I was appalled.

I thought I misheard the time or date of the phone interview. I thought my phone was broken. But, my calendar said 1:15! I was mostly confused by all of it, but moved on relatively quickly. I moved on with my day.

As I was getting ready for my run, I get a phone call. It's 3 now.  It's the hiring manager from Target.  She apologizes for calling so late and explains the situation.  Again, I understand how it goes, I wasn't angry at the tardiness.  I was still primarily confused.  Didn't someone just tell me there weren't interviews today?  The woman asked if we could do the interview, so I say yes.  After fifteen minutes of basic questions she invites me to the store the following day for an in-person interview.  I accept.

The next morning, I wake up early.  I make myself a cup of tea and look over my resume. I know, I'm applying for a cashier position, but I really care about my work, and I really want to appear prepared, no matter what the job. I put on one of my favorite grey dresses that hits me mid-thigh and really makes me look tan. At 10, I leave the house, and am in the Target parking lot by 10:20.

I walk up to Guest Services and I tell the worker that I am here for an interview. They radio someone and tell me to wait for them.  About five minutes later, a woman comes out from the back room and asks how she can help me. I tell her I'm there for an interview.  This woman, like the woman on the phone the day before, told me that they aren't having any interviews today.  She asked if I was at the right location. Of course I was. She told me to wait.  She disappeared into the back for about ten minutes. She came back out and told me that I could come back with her.

I ended up getting the interview, but, I have so much frustration and anger with this.  How disorganized and unprofessional? They were asking me if I was calling the right store, or coming in to the right store. They didn't even know when their interviews were being held. I found it really disappointing.

Obviously, this has no impact whatsoever on me shopping at Target stores.  I love Target, and I've always loved Target. I will continue to spend my money there.  It's a great store, so there must be great management and workers out there somewhere. I think I just applied to a shaky store, and it makes me not want to work for the company.  I feel like if I went to the orientation session, they wouldn't have my name on the list, but then call me two hours later asking where I'm at.

You may think I'm being dramatic, but I will disagree.  Being told twice in two days that I am incorrect about my own interview is a little unprofessional.  What do you think? Do you/Have you worked at Target stores? Was your experience different? Similar?

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