There are numerous types of harnesses that are available in today’s market. To make this post more cohesive, it would be best to start by defining what a harness is.

A harness is a term used to describe a device that is typically employed to attach a sex toy to a body part. There are people who wear harnesses as a means to attach butt plugs or even strap-on dildos. Nevertheless, keep in mind that harnesses can be worn and used by either men or women.

In this post, we will go through some of the top best body harnesses that will definitely leave you looking stunning. Read on to learn more about them.

10 Best Body Harnesses That Will Help You Look More Stunning

1. Double Strap Harnesses

There are numerous types of harnesses in the market that it can be quite overwhelming to shop for the perfect one. Nevertheless, the use and aesthetic of the harness are two of the most important factors to consider. Lucky for you, there are several sexy shops that offer really thick and double strap harnesses that will make you look stunning!

2. G-String Harnesses

Most of the types of harnesses that are available in the market can be identified based on their name. As for G-string harnesses, these are made so that individuals can wear them while penetrating their partners. Whatever scenario it may be, G-string harnesses are without a doubt stunning for the wearer.

3. Corset Harnesses

Corset harnesses feature several tightening mechanisms that have the potential to excite the wearer and their partner. Moreover, the thrill and power play between the users can be enhanced through a corset harness. With this type of harness, it is highly advisable to check your hip and waist measurement first before purchasing the product.

4. Thigh Harnesses

Thigh harnesses are an example of a body harness that can be used for BDSM scenarios. There are people who definitely find these types of products to be erotic, especially when worn by either themselves or their partners. The thighs have become an erotic body part, and wearing a thigh harness will only add to its allure.

5. Arm Harnesses

The arm harness, as the name suggests, focuses on harnessing products to the arms. Depending on what the user and their partner would want to achieve, this is a great option that could be useful in various BDSM scenarios.

6. Bust Harnesses

The thigh, arm, and bust harnesses can be categorized into body harnesses that may vary in style and size. Shag a Sexy Shop offers some of the most innovative toy harnesses and designs that elicit excitement in the wearer and their partners.

7. Underwear Harnesses

Women find it thrilling to have control over their partner. Nevertheless, underwear harnesses and strap-ons can also come in handy when both partners are trying to achieve a more satisfying sex life. They can easily rely on harnesses to prolong sex.

8. Bondage Harnesses

For those who are greatly into BDSM scenarios, a bondage harness would be their best choice at keeping things exciting in the bed. With a bondage harness, one can easily tighten it to a particular desired level. If you are looking for ways to feel a harness that is much tighter or restrictive, then you ought to try bondage harnesses.

9. Hitachi Harnesses

A hitachi harness is most commonly used in BDSM play. This is where the dominant partner may use this particular harness on the submissive partner. The hitachi harness can be quite overwhelming for most users; however, it functions similarly as you simply attach it to create an intense experience.

10. Rope Harnesses

Stemming from the previous type of harness, a rope harness and a hitachi harness typically go hand in hand. Moreover, these harnesses are usually utilized for hands-free use. Individuals may use this to attach certain toys to the human body.

Final Thoughts: Finding the perfect body harness for you or your partner!

In the end, manufacturers continue to create various kinds of harnesses to be used by those who seek an exciting sex life. The way a harness is used can vary from user to user. Nevertheless, some of the more important features a harness should possess includes excellent tightening mechanisms and its ability to prolong sex between two individuals.


Published by Mohaned Gadnne