There’s nothing wrong with a little white lie, right? Sometimes, you do what you need to do in order to get something done.

Actors and actresses know this better than anyone. In the competitive entertainment industry, particularly when you’re just starting out, you do basically anything you can to get a foot in the door. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood started out with roles like ‘Girl Number 3’ before working their way up to the leading lady leagues. So, in an audition situation, when the producer or casting director asks something, many actors or actresses will basically tell them what they want to hear. Can you speak French? Oui! Can you ski? Ah yes, I was a competitive downhill skier for years. No matter what they say, you just say yes – and then figure the rest out later once you have the role.

The actors and actresses on this list have lied about everything from their age to their schooling to their athletic skills in order to get a certain role they wanted. And it overwhelmingly worked! Most ended up getting the role they had lied to secure, or at least advancing their career in some way because of it.

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