Before I start, let me clear one good thing that most of you have already got some of these in your closet. Even if you do not look into your mother’s, she must have gotten a 1950s swing dress. Anyhow, I have seen women worrying about the articles they must-have in the cupboard. I have been a messy teenager too, but when you are earning, then you realize that spending is not an easy task.

Looking nice, pretty and elegant just by wearing as affordable dresses as possible is a dream for many girls. Also, it's not difficult to get such clothes. For example, you can find a lot at zapaka official website.

Sometimes, we tend to buy things because they are trending. Which is absolutely worthless. When buying and collecting clothes, we mediocre and students need to be very pragmatic. Admit your financial status and shop accordingly.But you can also find affordable clothes in zapaka

After a month’s research I have gathered some general details about a girl's wardrobe.You might just find the solution you crave so pretend playing along with this for a moment. I did ask some of the girls about their views, and to be very honest, most of them were confused while answering.

I can understand why did they get confused. it was because of the never-ending love for clothes.

So, here is a list for you to look while you are going for shopping. I have tried to provide an authentic research-based list, I believe women will understand it's important or maybe some men who are tired of finding the best gift for their woman.

1. Black pants or trousers

Ok, we may see thousands of black trousers in the mall or in shops but, we girls are always going to take that for granted. Most of the times while shopping girls will tend to buy some tops before they buy a black pant.

Black pants are like salt, you can wear them with any dark color or contrasting top. They can solve your wardrobe problems to a very great extent. Having a single black pant in your wardrobe is not the solution, you ought to buy at least three with different designs.

2. White Bottoms and Jeans

Like the black pants, white pants are also going to help you with your light coloured tops. If you do not want to wear pants then you can switch to jeans, which are quite good in winters as well as make you look elegant and warm.

3. Joggers

I did not recommend sneakers because I think joggers are multi-purpose. Especially in winters,  you can have them with tights, jeans or yoga suit. Similarly, you can pair them with a long maxi or frock, which is trending nowadays.

4. A Raincoat

Raincoats are a must for every woman. I do not know about men but we women are very conscious about our dresses. I don't think any woman will ruin her beloved clothes because of rain and mud. Enjoying rain is also an important feeling, and most of us have it once in a year. Thus, buying a classy and attractive raincoat is essential. Raincoats are not very expensive but quality will vary so you ought to be a bit picky.

5. Hair Accessories

Having a pony tail is nice, but changing your hairstyle every day is interesting. Try various hair bands, believe me, they look chic. Earlier, people thought that hairpins were specially prepared for formal occasions, but now they have become a must-have in everyday wardrobes.

6. Long Coats

Winters need to be addressed before they arrive. Before winters you need to buy some long coats. Buying a fur coat can be a bit classy, it will make you look more elegant and charming in winter.

7. Sunglasses

Sunglass is considered as an accessory but if you keep in view the pollution and Ultraviolet radiations which can damage your eyes. Then having sunglasses and shades is essential. The most beautiful things about a woman are her eyes and smile. Thus having polarized sunglasses will help you secure beautiful eyes.

8. Earrings and Studs

The more the better, you must get a light and dark coloured pair of every type of earring available in the market.

Published by Shahbaz Ahmed