I became a member of the International Marketing Group or IMG three years ago.

Our vision is to make sure that "No family is left behind." And our mission today is to help 1 Million Filipino families to be financially educated by the year 2020.

Most of the stories I share are about the financial lessons I learned in attending the national and international conventions of IMG Wealth Academy. Right now, I’d like to give you a quick rundown of the top 10 benefits that every IMG member enjoys.

You’ll realize that it is not just about getting access to free financial education and seminars, but more importantly — IMG members like me have direct access to financial products at discounted prices as well.


10 Benefits of an IMG member


1. Free Lifetime Financial Education 

As an IMG member we have the privilege to access the different financial seminars and workshops that are done weekly in our IMG Financial Center. The seminars help us to increase our financial IQ and as a result we become financially sound. The best part is, it is meant for a lifetime. 

Some of the seminars that we can enjoy includes discussion on practical money management, debt management, financial protection tools and retirement planning. Reference books , workbooks, flip charts and other printed materials are provided for the members as well. 

2. Financial Check-up for FREE 

When you need a health check-up you need a doctor, same is through with our finances, you need mentors or advisers to guide you for your next step towards financial wellness. In IMG, we get the check ups for FREE- yes you read it right FREE!

3. Access to Asset Preservation Service (APS) 

After we have accumulated a significant amount of wealth or assets, our next responsibility is to have it transferred with the least amount of tax possible. It is a sad thing if the government will have the big part of our hard earned money. As an IMG member, the Asset Preservation Service of iMax (one of IMG's strategic partner providers) can help you do this. You can also consolidate your business assets into a corporation thru APS.  

Come to think of it, if you have a total asset of  1 million in the bank and the government requires you to pay as much as 20% of the current asset value, your family will pay as much as Php 200,000.00 before enjoying it. In IMG, you will have a discounted price since you will be the one who will manage your own. 

4. Discounts of Non life insurance 

Need some insurance for your Car? Business? Or even for Travel? As an IMG member we get the best access to hundreds of non-life insurances and the great part is we can get discounts just by being part of IMG. You can be your own agent/broker for these insurances- and in the process, you get return commissions.  

5. Discounts on Real Estate 

I know we love discounts, Right? In IMG,  you can get discount on your own real estate property thru our partnership with some top Real Estate companies in our land. Instead of finding other broker who will earn money from your investment, why not become the broker of your own property and the COMMISSION will be all yours.

6. Access to Life Insurance Products 

We have the cheapest term insurance in the financial market for as low as Php 3000 per year via our partnership with Philam Life. You can avail the maximum coverage at the cheapest cost to protect you and your family from unexpected loss of income. In IMG, you will learn that BTID (buy term, invest the difference) is often the best strategy in implementing proper protection and building investments. You will enhance your knowledge about insurances and unlock the "secrets" of insurance industry.  

7. Access to Health Products 

Protect yourself and your loved ones for emergencies regarding our health both by getting your own short term and long term care thru Kaiser International Healthgroup. Your finances will be more protected since in case of sickness you can rely on to your healthcare to answer for your needs. 

8. Access to Investment Products such as Mutual Funds at ZERO LOAD

You want to invest but you do not have the time to do the trading, monitoring and other stuffs? We have the passive way of investing thru Mutual Fund. It will help you build wealth over the long term with the aid of fund manager who will do the work for you. Whether you are sleeping, watching movie, or travelling, your MONEY is still at WORK. 

 9. Build a Business in the Financial Industry

Another benefit that you can choose to avail is Access to the IMG Business Ownership Program. Building a business will be more enjoyable and secure since IMG has a strong partnership with the most powerful and stable companies in the financial industry. To name a few, Kaiser Healthgroup Inc. (Healthcare); Philam Life (Life and Term Insurance); Soldivo Funds, PhilEquity, ATR Kimeng, Sun Life Assest Management (Investments); SMDC, Ayala Land, DMCI and Vista Land (Real Estate); MAPFRE, Standard Insurance, QBE, Charter Ping An, Malayan Insurance, MAA General Insurance Phils. Inc, UCPB GEN, Prudential Gaurantee (General Insurance); and APS iMax (Allied Financial Services).  

Your business will not only be a business but also a mission to educate others about financial knowledge. Work at your own pace, you own time and be your own BOSS. Build a business that will last and will leave a legacy. 

10.Travel the world by being a Partner of IMG

Lastly, as a partner of IMG travelling will always be part of our lives. Life is like a book and as you travel and discover new horizons, another page has been added to that book. If you love to travel with meaning and purpose, IMG is the best place for you. 

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Published by Rea Lakwatsera