To create a high performing landing page, you need to understand some basic structures first.

  1. How to target a good amount of audience.
  2. What are the necessary sections that you can add to create a virtual interaction with the audience?


To do this, you need to take note of some serious things.


Defining your goal is a major step.

You should always understand that if you do not set a definite aim for your page, you can never get the attention you want from the audience.

Defining your goal is always a vital criterion. If you do not define your goal, the audience would never understand your page and hence reduce the interaction with your page.Knowing your aim will help you to determine the type of page you want to build.


Selecting the best-suited audiences for your page and targeting them -

Selecting the right audience for your page is very essential. You should always keep a note about your audience’s taste. Not everyone has the same taste! So, you should target accordingly. It’s a very strategic way to get more audience. Knowing that, try to build upon the strategy and optimize them with new ideas.

Choosing the Right Section is important -


  • The Hero section: It is one of the most important section which determines your page and business. It's a section which traps the visitor's attention. This section basically contains all the information that the visitor needs to know about the page and the business. 
  • The feature walkthrough: This is a section where you get to showcase your product and can make the visitor understand the features of the product with solutions they are looking for.
  • ‘How it works’ section:This section helps a visitor to understand the basic application of the product you are trying to sell. When a visitor visits your page, he is totally unaware of the way, the product works. So, to make him understand, this section works great!
  • Testimonials: It contains the experiences of people, who have used your product. It contains the benefits and problems faced by your previous customers with solutions to the problems. It helps a new visitor to rely on your product since you are assuring them through this that it is not fraud.
  • The team section: You must make the visitor feel secured as much as you can! It’s their hard-earned money that they are going to invest. So, they always want to know on whom they are investing. If you can show them your excellent team, they may get a bit relief knowing that their money isn’t going in wrong hands!


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  • FAQ’s: The Frequently Asked Questions are some basic questions that are asked frequently by the visitors. This section helps to clear some basic doubts helping the visitor to understand the contents of the page hence clearing some basic doubts beforehand.


  • Trusty footer section: This is the section which cements the trust of your customer on your business. This section contains the Terms & Conditions page with the Privacy Policy page. Be aware!


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Published by Shiva Kushwaha