10 Facts About Me

  1. I love school.  Thinking of going back.
  2. I enjoy spoken word.  If I could buy all the artist CDs that I meet, I would.
  3. I enjoy giving back.  It's not always about me.  Sometimes it has to be about those in need.
  4. My circle of REAL friends is very small and it doesn't change.
  5. I am both introvert and extrovert.  
  6. I want to do a travel photo book.
  7. On my bucket list is to go to the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics.  
  8. I'm an emotional writer.  Most of my poetry stem from some sort of emotion. 
  9. I'm a bit old fashion when it comes to dating.  Shhh.....Don't say nothing.
  10. Everyday I work on the fruitage of the spirit "Patience".  I've always had an issue with being patient with ignorance and just plain stupid.  So, I'm working on it. 

Published by Mashawn Mickels