I'm Amii and this is my first post here at My Trending Stories. Usually, you'll find me over at Amii @ Thirty but if this is the first time we're meeting, then 'hello' and here are 10 little things to know about me....

1. I love to cook, but loathe cooking just for myself - if I was cooking for a dinner party every evening, I'd be in my element. 

2. I am hugely passionate about sport - I play, coach, watch and talk about it, a lot. I've been a qualified rugby union coach for 12 years and am so bored of hearing 'wow, you don't look like a rugby player' - what is that even supposed to mean?

3. I am a complete control freak - I like to call it 'being particular' but I will hold my hands up and admit that yes, certain things have to be done in certain ways otherwise anxiety starts to kick in.

4. I decided to go to university at 26 (having dropped out of uni when I was 19 and started working instead), and graduated last summer when I was 29. Being a mature student was really wonderful and there's loads of insight about my student days over on my blog if you want to read more about my experiences.

5. I have constant wanderlust, and I don't mean that I just daydream every now and then about travelling. I literally can't recall the last day that passed without me looking up flights to somewhere fabulous; I'm always planning my next trip; and I get seriously itchy feet if I don't have something booked, no matter how far into the future (New Zealand next June just got paid for!). I think this comes from growing up in an Army family so we moved house pretty often and maybe I've never truly felt settled and it's just in my soul to always want to be on the move.

6. I am obsessed with lists (Trello, you are my lifesaver). Probably links back to number 3 about me being a control freak but I have lists for everything - to-do lists, shopping lists, travel plans, money, things I want to do, and many, many more. This is also going to set the tone for how I write here at My Trending Stories so please follow me by clicking the button up by my name.

7. I taught myself to crochet using YouTube videos. My grandmothers and mum are super talented when it comes to hooks and needles and, as I could already knit, I thought it would be nice to learn to crochet too. I'm a total fidget who can't sit still for 5 minutes so crochet is a good way to keep me busy, and in one place!

8. The best name I have is 'Auntie'. I have a gorgeous 4 year old nephew and I love being an aunt more than any other role I've had in my life. 

9. I work in marketing for an artificial grass manufacturer (sports turf and landscape turf) and as I'm fascinated by how things are made, my job ticks all the boxes, allowing me to work in marketing within the sports industry but at the very start of the process.

10. I love to write. I started my own blog as part of the first group of UCBloggers - a handful of students at my university employed by the uni to write about their experiences. After I graduated, I gave up my blog but a year later I started writing again as I'd missed it so much. Getting the opportunity to write here at My Trending Stories is a really exciting next step for me and I hope I'll share some interesting things for you.

Hope that helps by way of an introduction. I look forward to spending more time with you through my writing. Amii x

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