There’s no better time and no better way to train the mind, body, and soul to work in harmony!

Children are curious enough to engulf whatever comes their way. These innocent souls are in the process of shaping their personality and building up an attitude that would stay with them for almost a lifetime. In the everyday hassle to make them learn something new, don’t forget to train them with Martial Arts.

Due to the rising crime rate, self-defense is a must for all the kids and young alike. It’s the prime duty of the parents and the guardians to imbibe in their children self-sufficiency when it comes to their protection. Also, our kids aspire to influence the world and to work for its betterment, how is it possible if our children don’t even feel capable enough to take care of their selves?

Beyond the fitness and self-defense aspects, martial arts are vital for the mental health development of the kids. Read along to know how!

Aids empowering thoughts

Learning the new skill-set and accomplishments regarding the belts provide a sense of pride and good feelings that is empowering for the mind. It boosts the confidence level of the children to try harder and incorporate better skill-set. The children strive to earn rewards in the form of their next belts, and this accomplishment brings in the enthusiasm to accomplish the day-to-day tasks with vigor and zeal.

The martial arts programs are in itself a complete package for the overall empowerment of the enrollees. The healthy and fit bodies are more empowered and ready-to-go than the lazy ones!

Helps in stress management

Stress is something that lingers around everyone. The art is not to allow it to surpass your positive energies. From the work-incompletion to the playground-bullying, our children also face this stress every single day. It is the age in which the children can learn the art of not falling prey to the stress but fighting against it with strength.

The martial arts classes, children are taught to stay still for long periods of time. This increases the ability to think about the situation, analyze it with patience and react accordingly. It enables them to equip oneself with positive energies and to restrain from the over-thinking.

Self-discipline and a sense of responsibility

The martial arts programs contain an extensive curriculum that imbibes self-discipline in children and the group and team activities bring in the sense of responsibility for oneself and the people you are representing. Also, the children are taught to master the breathing techniques and to learn to focus on themselves.

The team and group games help the children to build a sense of collectiveness and collective-responsibility. The children learn to admire each other and also learn to learn from each other. Also, they learn to take responsibility for themselves, owing to the strength they feel in themselves to overcome all the difficulties.

Increases the focusing power

Beyond doubt, being focused is an art and is not easy to acquire. It’s needed everywhere from school, college to work.

The focus comes with the consistent practice and is a gradual affair. The martial arts classes tend to make the children more focused owing to the focusing techniques they are taught in the Martial arts class. The moves that the children are taught and the art of reacting to the movements of others requires a lot of focus. Gradually, the children develop an inbuilt focusing mechanism as the brain is trained accordingly.

Increasing the listening power

The whole module of martial arts classes is based upon the art of understanding what is being said and what is being shown.

All the fitness activities tend to increase the brain’s efficiency and so does the martial arts classes. Beyond that, the martial arts classes work on the amalgamation of the listening, understanding and responding basis.

The children who sail through the martial arts program are those who listen and understand the instructions carefully. Those who don’t, acquire the art gradually through regular practice.

Awareness regarding personal safety

The martial arts students are comparatively more aware of their surroundings and about their inner self as compared to the children who are not indulged in this sport.

The martial arts training includes following the guidelines and instructions and thereby, being conscious and aware throughout the day. This makes the children habitual of being aware of the personal health as well as individual safety. The children are taught to analyze the potential threats to their life and property and thereby, remain cautious and alert.

Social skills and care for others

Along with making the children aware of the potential threats, the children are also taught to fulfill their social responsibilities. The children are made aware of their social responsibilities and are equipped with the martial arts techniques to stand against all the negativities and the wrongdoers.

Though the martial arts learning students are tough on the outer side, they have imbibed with the feelings of generosity and kindness also. The group activities help them realize the importance of unity and their role in keeping society intact.

Self-control and good decision making

Self-control refers to the ability to regulate one’s thoughts, emotions, and behavior as a reflex to temptations and impulses. To achieve specific goals in life self-control is very essential.

The martial arts not only imbibe in him restraint but also make the child capable enough to make right decisions. It imbibes the ability in children to think before taking decisions and evaluate all the pros and cons.

Aids memorization and retention

A sound mind resides in a sound body. And the martial arts are an excellent way to keep oneself physically and mentally sound.

Various memory and retention drills for the martial arts in particular and day to day activities as well are conducted in good martial arts training centers that lay an entirely positive impact on the children enrolled. Martial arts aid focusing abilities and memorization and retention follow.

Builds the sense of respect

Students are taught not only to respect the instructors but also elders and the members of the society. Above all, they are trained to recognize themselves and value themselves for what they are. It aids the child’s personal growth. Respect for the society is fundamental because the community contributes a lot to shaping us the way we are.

The Martial Arts are quite crucial for the children in today’s times. The need of being self-sufficient to tackle every kind of situation is very essential. We need to shape up the children’s childhood keeping in view what would make them stand out when they grow up.

Published by Janice Cook