The present lifestyle that the people have become used to no doubt has significantly affected their health.

They are posing too much burden on their mind due to the prevailing competition, and as a consequence of that, they become victims of the different diseases.

In addition to that, they are also facing another serious problem which occurs due to the increase in the level of the stress and that is the massive “hair loss.”

This issue can be found in both male and female!

The men suffer from the “male pattern baldness” while in the women, the thinning of the hair is becoming a headache.

In a day, a person loses around 50 to 100 hairs on an average, but when this range exceeds, and your hair starts falling like a cancer patient, then you are possibly having some issue. For that, you need to consult the doctor at the earliest.

The hair plays an indispensable part in the life of the human beings. It enhances the personality of a person but what if you start losing them slowly?

Is the constant hair fall is bothering you a lot, and because of that you feel ashamed going out and avoid socializing with the people? Need to know the prime factors that lead to this havoc?

Here is the list of the things that are supposed to be the root cause of this issue and these are:

1. Heredity

The past record or you can say the family history may be the reason behind hair loss.

If your biological parents suffered from the receding hair lines or bald spots and lose their hair at an early age, then the probability of yours also increases as it is all about the genes which you inherit.

   2. Affected with Anaemia

The iron deficiency is very typical these days, and the women aged from 20 to 49 are found to be anemic.

This contributes to the hair fall treatment in Delhi for which you have to take the medical assistance and get your test done by examining the type of the anemia.

By that, take the iron supplements for curing this chronic disease quickly.

3. Chemotherapy Sessions

The people undergoing with the treatment of the cancer are exposed to the high-intensity radiations that eventually becomes the villain to your locks and causes terrible hair fall.

Although the drug aids in fighting the fatal disease “cancer” but it severely affects your hair.

4. Less Protein in Diet

Our hair is a protein itself, and on slashing down its intake from the regular meal, the problem of hair fall will strike in your life.

For non-vegetarians, fish, meat, chicken, and eggs are considered to be the ultimate source of protein.

No problem if you are a vegetarian as there are many great substitutes like oats, pulses, wild rice, chia seeds, nuts, etc.

5. Work Stress

The pressure of the work in office has its no end, and the task completion within the set deadline leaves a person in disdain.

Also, the anxiety to excel in the work doubles up the level of stress, and that is not at all good sign for your hair.

6. Pregnancy

The pregnancy is a stressful phase where a woman goes through a lot of physical changes.

In that particular period, she is likely to face a hair fall, and that is quite natural!

Don’t panic! A sound sleep and a healthy diet are all you need. The hair will grow back post the delivery

7. The Heating Tools for Styling

The ladies who love to style their hair a lot with the dryers, curlers and the straighteners then let me tell you one thing that too much of exposure to heat will work against to the hair by heavily damaging them.

In spite of the fact that these heating tools will give you the desired look, but it is definitely not a good option in the long run.

8. Turning Old

The aging is a natural phenomenon, and in that particular period, the hair loss is noticeable so don’t feel embarrassed from anyone.

It is advisable to embrace the old age with pride, and the hair alternatives are available in the market like wigs that smartly covers your baldness.

9. Alopecia

This problem is more likely to affect the people aged between 15-29 years. It arises when you are having some issue with your immune system.

10. Emotional Trauma

The people who have lost their dear ones or having the difficult time in their relationship can also exhibit the hair fall.

Try to divert your attention from the activities that give you happiness.


For having lustrous and bouncy locks, you are required to eat a nutritious diet enriched with the proteins and vitamins. Most importantly, bid adieu to the stress which is the menace to your long and lovely hairs.

Published by Shubhi Gupta