Riding a motorcycle with cool breeze hitting your face is the most fun and thrilling way of reaching your destination. Whether you are going on a short weekend trip with your girlfriend or just cruising the city at night, a motorcycle is the best way to travel in style.

But the flipside of riding these powerful machines is that they are highly risky and requires some skill and experience. However, if you stick these motorcycle safety tips, there is nothing you really have to worry about.

Secure Your Head

Safety gear is very important for motorcycle riders and a helmet is the most important of all. It is your head that requires the highest level of protection because an injury to the head can be fatal. And now you can buy Bluetooth motorcycle helmets that comes with built-in mic and earphones. These helmets make riding very safe and convenient since you can listen to music or answer your phones calls while on the move.

Learn to Ride

There are different types of motorcycles, each meant for a different purpose. There are sports bikes that are very fast, scooters that are ideal for most city riding conditions and cruisers that are perfect for all types of terrains.

Not all of them are same and the balancing skills differ because the weight of each type of motorcycle is different. So it is important that you get a training and sufficient practice before you hit the road. Take a skill test and get a professional advice if necessary to enhance your skills.

Other Safety Gear

There is various safety gear such as elbow and knee pads, ankle support, gloves, reinforced jackets and pants, professional riding boots, etc. These accessories help you prevent most injuries and even minimize the damage to you in worst case scenarios. It is not like everyone who rides a motorcycle will fall or meet with an accident. But it is always better to be safe than sorry. The level of gear depends on your riding skills and if you are a pro then you already know what you need.

Know The Safety Rules

Traffic rules are designed for your own safety and the more strictly you follow the safer for you. So try not to break any rules, especially jumping signals that can very dangerous to you as well as to others on road.

That said, you need to always consider other drivers when you are on street and stick to lane discipline wherever applicable. Always follow the speed limits that are set for each road.

Weather Forecast

Harsh rains and winds can hamper your visibility on road. So always check the forecast before starting to your destination on a motorcycle. Calculate the hours required to reach your destination and make sure the weather during that whole is friendly.

And in case you come across unexpected weather conditions, do not hesitate to stop and wait until its calm before you start again. There could also be unexpected bad weather and in such cases make sure to find a place nearby where you can spend the night or at least until the weather is back to normal.

Slow Down At Every Turn and Curve

One of important motorcycle safety tips is to slow down few hundred meters before each turn. You never know at what speed other vehicles would be approaching from either side.

So slowing down will give you a better control in case you are required to stop. Oncoming vehicles are not visible at curves and hence you need to be slow at such spots and stick to your lane as well.

Start With Fresh Mind and Body

You need to be physically active and very alert when on a motorcycle. So make sure you get sufficient sleep in the night as morning is the best time to start. Keep your mind fresh and free from any stress or worries.

Your focus should be on the road and things around you. Lack of concentration and focus can lead to accidents too. So avoid riding when you are feeling low or having a bad mood.

Avoid drinking alcohol or using any kind of drugs or even medication when you are going on a ride. Certain medications make you feel drowsy and there could be other side effects which can impact your riding abilities.

You Are Always Small On Road

One thing you must always remember is that a motorcycle is always smaller than cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles on road. So you need to maintain a safe distance from bigger vehicles and avoid riding near to trucks, especially on their sides. It is too risky as one wrong move can get you under the truck.

When you spot a big vehicle, let it pass you and it is best to slow down a bit. And when you riding behind a big vehicle, do not overtake as there could be an oncoming vehicle that you will not be able to spot when you are behind a bus or truck. Give necessary indications to the drivers of other vehicles on the road before shifting lane or overtaking, etc.

Get Your Motorcycle Checked

This is something that you must do before all your motorcycle trips. Go to a professional motorcycle mechanic and get a casual check done. This is just to ensure everything is intact and there are no technical difficulties. Check the brakes, lights, indicators, tire pressure, check for loose bolts, leakage, etc.

Do not ignore even the simplest of the problem on your motorcycle and get it fixed before you hit the road. You do not want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere and wait for days before you get a help.

Make Pitstops

When it is a long distance motorcycle trip, make sure to take breaks and refresh yourself for few minutes. This will give your body rest and allows your motorcycle's engine cool down a bit.

Make sure the route you are traveling has enough cafes, fuel stations and motels in case you need to take a longer break. Carry sufficient water, some snack bars, and light food in case you are planning to stop at places where there are no cafes.

There are plenty of other motorcycle safety tips that you can find but these are the ones that you must not fail to follow. These motorcycle safety tips are life saving ones and can help you make your road trip a grand success.

Published by Kaushal Shah