Timber furniture is considered as best furniture, it is classy, durable and stunning. But can all kind of timber provide you with these qualities? No, wood comes in different qualities and different region requires different wood for furniture. For example, you can’t have furniture made of the wood with high moisture content if you live in places that face heavy rain pour.   The type of wood is what determines how long a furniture is going to last. Good quality furniture is made from hardwood that comes from trees like teak, oak, mahogany, maple, walnut, birch and cherry.  

So, How Will You Find the Perfect Timber Your Furniture? Here Is What You Should Look in The Wood: 

#1. Strength: One of the most important qualities of timber is its strength. The durability of a furniture depends on the hardness of the timber and how much it can endure through rough use. Cherry wood is a hardwood that is durable but also a bit expensive. You can use oak or mahogany.

#2. Endure Harsh Conditions: The timber should be tough and be able to resist harsh vibrations or shocks. It should not bend or break and also must resist splitting. Hardwoods with closer and narrower rings are tough. Maple wood is very affordable and can be durable for years it can also be colored to darker shades.

#3. It Should Be Durable: The timber should be able to resist fungi and other worms and atmospheric damages for a long period of time. The wood should be immune to weather damages and bacteria to last longer and it needs to be durable.

#4. It Should Be Seasoned: The teeth saw must not be clogged while sawing. The timber needs to be seasoned so that it is easy to work with and does not cause any damage to any equipment.  The surface should be smooth and proper.

#5. Carvings: The wood should be strong enough to take intricate carvings and designs to cater to everyone's needs. Walnut wood can be used in these carvings as they are durable and are used for antique pieces and ornate pieces of furniture.

#6. Color: The darker the color of the timber the harder and better is the quality. Faded or light color means the wood is weak. The colors of freshly cut deodar teak and walnut are white yellow and golden brown respectively. 

#7. Aroma: The good quality timber always has a good aroma and is pleasant to smell. The most visible quality other than color is the smell. The smell determines the strength of the timber.

#8.  Water Content: The timber has a moisture content from nature, that is, it is hygroscopic in nature. The more the moisture content, lesser will be the quality, the timber will be weak. The moisture content needs to be low in order for the wood to be stronger.

#9. Swelling: The property of swelling differs in different plants. The shrinking of timber starts when the woods start releasing water. The walls of the wood swell with more moisture. Woods having thicker walls swell more than its thinner counterparts.

#10. Free of Damage from The External Environment: The timber must be durable and strong to withstand harsh environmental conditions and remain intact for use to make furniture. It should be able to protect its skin from harsh weather conditions and be good for use. 

Why Use Good Quality Timber? 

Using good quality timber not only increases the durability of your furniture but also saves a lot of time and money. You do not have to buy pieces of furniture over and over again if you invest in a good and expensive wood for one time.  You can save both labor and expenses on making furniture and be hassle-free forever. 

If you want to choose qualities of good timber, then go through this post and get more useful ideas.

Published by Mack Aurther