The way pollution is hitting the whole world, it is very difficult to lead a hygienic life. But to be fit and remain working, we have to take care of our body. Especially our main digestive organism- liver. If this system does not work, then required energy will not produce in adequate amount. Thus, our body won’t work. 

10 Natural Ways, Helping to Revitalize our Liver:

Avoid Processed Food

A processed food consists of changes in several ways. The aim is to increase the consumption level. But such changes compromise with the nutritional value of the food. And also affect the health of the consumer. To make the food tasty, the manufacturers add artificial flavor, synthetic color. Also add sweeteners and preservatives. These causes harm to our main digestive organ the liver. It is better to consume fresh cooked food than these processed foods.

Focus on Fresh and Greens

Fresh carrots and beets are important cleansing and rebuilding foods for liver. Also consuming huge amount of green veges will provide plenty of chlorophyll. This is another active ingredient to cleanse the liver. Among the green vegetables, raw green slalds and steamed vegetables are important. Also, the raw fruits and the bitter greens also help cleansing the liver. Buy fresh green food and vegetables online in reasonable price.

Herbs that Help Strengthen the Liver

The unique power of herbs is to strengthen the liver’s activity. Certain herbs are very important ingredients for revitalizing the liver. Like turmeric and milk thistle. Also blackberry and black root and fringe-tree bark are equal important. Besides one can also consume wahoo and dandelion root to keep his/her liver working. herbs are most important for Boost your metabolism and liver.

Take a Lot Fruits and Veggies

Veggies, the green ones are very essential for the cleansing of the liver. It also revitalizes the liver’s functions. But, fruits are easy to digest, carry huge amount of proteins and vitamins. So, consuming fruits and veggies will result into easy digestion. Also it will result into proper activation of the digestive organs like liver. One can buy fresh fruits and veggies from online sites to get quick service in cheap costs.

Reduce Sugar Quantity in Routine

Sugar acts as a chronic toxin or poison for liver on excess intake in human body. Not only liver, it can cause diabetes (both types, type 2 as primary) and also bring high risk to kidney disease. So, it is important to reduce the level of sugar in take on a daily basis to avoid such kind of illness. The processed food add artificial sweeteners to the packed food. Those are recommendable to avoid as well.

Avoid Late-Night Snacking

Every organism in our body has its own routine to work and rest. As at night we take rest, so does our body. During sleep, organisms work at a less amount and produce least energy. So, if we eat any food before three hours to bed, they remain un-digested, And it affects the liver. We should avoid late night snacking to keep our liver in a healthy and active position.

Take Vitamine C Daily

Vitamin C acts as a protector of the liver. Low consumption (500 mg/day of vitamin C) causes liver cirrhosis and fatty build up in liver. It is recommandable to intake at least 2000 mg of vitamin C everyday, to keep the fat away from your liver. Besides Vitamin C acts as an anti-oxidant and produce collagen. It is an important thing to repair liver wounds as well as any body wounds. One may choose to have multivitamin meals. But they must be sure of the presence of adequate amount of Vitamin C.

Increase Sulfur-Rich Foods

Sulfur is an essential component of the Vitamin C rich food. Also, sulfur is present in onion, garlic and broccoli. This ingredient helps in increasing enzyme activities. Also, lack of sulfur might lead to slow second phase detoxification within the liver. This will cause many toxins harming the liver. Besides, sulfur also prevents bacterial attack on any organ of the body. That includes liver as well.

Focus on Nuts and Seeds


Nuts and seeds reduce the tendency of fatty liver. The nuts and seeds are also adequate providers of necessary fatty acids in the liver. So one must include nuts and seeds in their daily diets to keep their liver working in a proper manner. But nuts and seeds are expensive and rare. So one can order and get quick delivery of such nuts and seeds from online Indian grocery store.

Avoid Eating Fatty Foods

Fatty foods are stored of lipids. Any place in a body having a huge amount of lipid storage causes certain health issues. Liver is a place where there is a high chance of lipid getting stored. So, to reduce the extra work of liver one must avoid lipid or fatty foods. Besides, fatty foods are also mal-digestive in nature. SO consumption of fatty food might lead to the inappropriate digestion of the food. And that will result in low production of nutrition power and energy. Fatty foods cause serious damage to the liver. It is very important to follow certain diet chart that excludes fatty foods.

Try to follow at least one and all the mentioned natural ways to revitalize your liver and lead a healthy life. 

Published by Lauren Johnson