Presently, there are tons of wonderful hairstyles and haircuts for young men out there. Because of this, it can be very difficult to decide the exact one that will make your kid look like the little charmer he is. Before choosing a hairstyle for your boy, there are a lot of things you need to put into consideration. For starters, you have to consider the hair type, to see if the hairstyle you had in mind for him is going to look good on him.

Of course, you want to pick a good hairstyle for your son, but it might surprise you to know that your kid may have his very own sense of style. This article is going to highlight ten new hairstyles that your boy could try out in 2018. You can also get some more idea on Mens new hairstyles for 2018 at

When it comes to selecting a good hairstyle for your son, you don't have to be rigid; rather, you need to be willing to experiment with different hairstyles out there and see the one that fits your  kid the best.

You can start with something cute and simple at first, but with time, you can graduate to the more advanced and hottest boys' haircuts. Your boy's hair type doesn't prevent him by any means from trying out the new haircuts. Always keep it at the back of your mind that there are tons of hair care products that can take your son's hair to a whole new level.

Below are ten new hairstyles your kid can try out;

Low fade with long fringe

Longer styles are new and popular this year, and a lot of barbers recommends it. If your son has a long hair with thick texture, then you should try this style on him.

High fade with design

Although this is a little bit edgy, it is still a great option for your son. What makes this new hairstyle stands out is that it is very easy to maintain and versatile as well.

High fade with loose pompadour

This is a very straightforward and easy hairstyle that your son should try out. All that is required by the barber is a good pair of clippers.

High fade with hard part and quiff

If your son's hair is very long, then you can try out this style.

Long messy hair with low fade

What makes this new hairstyle an excellent choice of your kid is that it requires very little maintenance; all you need to make this hairstyle look great on your son all day is to use a little pomade.

High bald fade with cropped fringe

If your son has thin hair, then this style will look great on him.

Short side with medium length hair on top

The slightly low skin fade combined perfectly with the sweep fringes, make this hairstyle stands out from the rest.

Short hair high skins fade

This hairstyle will remain in vogue all year round because it is stylish and easy to maintain

Low fade with thick long hair

This trendy hairstyle works with every type of hair.

As the year rolls by, try out some of the hairstyles listed in this article on your son, you will be amazed as to how they will make him look so much better.

Published by Mary Charli