Hello, Everybody!


Today I thought I would share some of my favourite tracks from my Spotify playlist which is titled 'Viccie's Mood Mix'  this playlist is public so if you wish to follow my mood mix then here is a link for you to be able to do so: https://open.spotify.com/user/1127321122/playlist/7ChYTi6ElGCerOwE1evxLV

I have 423 tracks on this playlist, and my mood varies from heavy metal and hard rock, to my childhood memories of Billie Piper, Steps and that beloved B*Witched band which reminds me of my singing in front fo my dad with a hairbrush putting on a show and thinking i was the next best popstar, I dread to see if he has the footage on video one day. 

But from 423 songs I have decided to narrow down my latest top 10 favs that have been on repeat so much just for you all to enjoy in no particular order.

1. Hobbie Stuart - 'Someone to Love you.'

I should never have to explain for my love and passion in Hobbie Stuart's EP and if you wish to discover this wonderful album yourself, follow this link to my blog post with more information: https://mytrendingstories.com/article/hobbiestuart-summer-in-the-city-ep-review/

2. Paul Manners - 'I Adore'

This recent new discovery and passion fueling song is a great one to sing along to alongside that amazing hot shower in the morning, Paul Manners new song is amazing and I cannot wait for much more content, I was sold the first verse of the song, for more in depth review please go and look at: https://mytrendingstories.com/article/paul-mannerss-single-review-i-adore/  


3. She Wants Revenge - Take the World

She Wants Revenge was a recent discovery of mine about two years ago, and I have taken a huge liking to those storytelling songs, and I love the beats to this track massively as the music is incredible and I just dance my heart out to it for the five-minute-long track its become.


4. Letters from the Fire - At War

This beautiful band came to my ears through a good friend, they remind me of the old school Evanescence days when Evanescence has just released 'Fallen' and I fell in love with their song 'My Immortal' but back to Letters from the Fire, the beautiful singer behind this track makes the floods of tears to the eyes, a beautifully written song and sung with beautiful talent, if your a fan of Halestorm, Evanescence and some softer Nightwish songs, this is a song to check out!


5. Adele - Set fire to the rain

Adele should be on everyone's music list, even if it's not this song that I have picked, Adele is fantastic, beautiful, talented and deserves all the success and credit she gets for it.


6. Simple Plan - This Song Saved My Life

A slightly new discovery and blessing to hear in my ears, I love this track, I love the words, I love the meaning and it reminds me personally of all the hard times I've overcome and got through. 


7. Carrie Underwood - Church Bells

Can we all appreciate that yes I do have a small soft spot for country music also? Carrie Underwood's strong storytelling music has become a big addiction and one of the few singers I like to hear and warm up to in singing lessons! 


8. The Script - No Good in Goodbye

Kudos to The Script for writing such an honest song, there is no 'good' in Goodbye, this song slays and brings out a positive honesty and instead of saying more, make sure you have a good listen and you shouldn't regret it after!


9. N-Dubz - Morning Star

I never thought I would get into R&B music, and truthfully I have always hated it, but N-Dubz are one of the bands that were talented and creative and making their own music, I'm sad there hasn't been many more releases and I do hope there is a future where they will come back and make me dance more than ever before, this song was wonderful the moment it hit my ears and I do love Tulisa's voice.


10. Elle Goulding - Love Me Like You Do


One of my biggest song obsessions since the moment I heard Elle sing this track, I even love it that much it's lyrics are stenciled on my bedroom walls and I'm a huge Elle Goulding fan since she hit the surface, I am not afraid to admit that she is one singer that will never be out of my ears for a long time. 


I hope this has given you some new tracks to check out and some other ideas!

Got any music you think I should hear? drop me a message!

Also my brand new website is up and running, feel free to see at www.freakingdead.co.uk and for all other info including social media links.


Have an awesome weekl.


Viccie xx

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