Casement windows are windows that are fixed on side-mounted hinges. As an internal crank is rotated, the windows can be pivoted open and closed vertically. These windows afford a clean, minimal look and usually grace traditional home styles, such as French Eclectic or Cottages. If you’re aiming for a similar look, below you’ll find more reasons to opt for casement windows for your home:

1. Numerous Design Variations

Casement windows can be customised into varying designs including, French, flat top, pushout and multiple grill configurations. Casement windows particularly look attractive in uPVC or aluminium. Additionally, if you wish to further augment their traditional appearance, you may add astragal bars.

2. Reduce Energy Consumption

Casement windows possess enhanced glazing and a cogent window sash that presses against the frame on closing, leaving no room for air entry and leakage. Hence, these windows are considered to be highly energy efficient.

3. Controlled Ventilation

Unlike double-hung windows that are closed on top, casement windows are opened from top to bottom, allowing abundant fresh air into the space. Traditionally, they open outward and these windows too are easily able to provide the desired amount of ventilation.

4. Customise Windows to Your Needs

Casement windows can be built to accommodate any size or shape aperture present in your home. Through profile bending and advanced extrusion techniques, any style of home can install casement windows.

5. Burglar Proof Windows

Casement windows meet the highest standards of security. These windows are internally glazed, keeping intruders out. In addition to this, one can install various hinges and locks for enhanced security.

6. Minimal Hardware 

Most window types often require hardware called muntin; these are wooden frames within the frame that divide the window. Casement windows require no muntin as such, which is an absence that provides an unimpeded view of the outside world.

7. Slimmer Frames

Aluminium casement windows are particularly slim, giving homeowners a wider view of the outdoors. Moreover, they are made using aluminium and therefore, are capable of holding larger panes of glass, further enhancing the view.

8. Additional Glazing Options

Casement windows allow homeowners to incorporate various glass designs into the frames, including bevelled designs and stained-glass designs. These glass windows can also include double or triple glazing to further reduce heat transfer and ensure you keep warm.

9. Low Maintenance

Casement windows don’t require heavy amounts of cleaning. All they need is a simple wipe down should they ever become dusty. Furthermore, they have a lifespan of roughly 30 years or so, giving you your money’s worth.

10. Casement Windows Catch Side Breezes

If your home happens to be set at an odd angle, it can be difficult to get any kind of air moving through the house. But in the case of casement windows, the open sash acts as a flap to funnel breezes into the house.

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Published by Sumity Paul