Fitness retreats in Bali are becoming more popular. Exotic Bali has always been a favoured holiday destination. The phenomenon of the Bali fitness retreat means that not only can you choose to go there as a bona fide tourist, but you can also choose to visit as a student of wellness and healthy living. It’s yet another reason to visit beautiful Bali, a veritable paradise island in exotic Indonesia.

Why Join Fitness Retreats in Bali?

The advantages of joining a wellness retreat in this exotic paradise are many. Let’s explore some of them.

  1. If you’re stressed out by the demands of modern living, you'll find such a fitness retreat to be a great stress buster. It’s a moment in time, just for yourself. You’ll learn to unwind and relax in the tropical sunshine, amid nature’s beauty. It’s an investment in your wellbeing

  2. Bali is a natural paradise, often described as a fantasy island. Surrounded by so much natural beauty, your retreat from the everyday world is bound to be a great success. You really will be ‘away from it all’, learning to find your true self, far away from the chaos of modern life.

  3. You’re more likely to find yourself in a luxurious villa rather than a spartan hut. Our retreats are about inner wellness and healing, rather than austerity and punishment. You’ll get balm for your soul rather than a harsh regimen for your body.

  4. Your days will be packed with variety. You may experience the thrill of water sports, such as white water rafting. Surfing is another great water sport which Bali offers its visitors. For those interested, there are hiking activities and visits to soul-enhancing places such as the waterfall. You won’t be bored for a second.

  5. Although there will be plenty to do, you won’t be tied up every moment of the day. You will have time enough to do a few things on your own. It’s essential to experience some aloneness in your voyage of self-discovery. If that’s what you want. If you want company, that’s okay too.

  6. Your diet will be delicious and enjoyable. Balinese cuisine is ideal. You will be advised about healthy choices.

  7. Retreat groups are kept deliberately small. You’ll make some great new friends and get to know them.

  8. Your workouts will be gentle and enjoyable. How does yoga on the beach sound?

  9. You’ll get to enjoy exclusive, natural treatments such as massages and the chance to avail of spa facilities.

  10. There’s a possibility to break the routine with day trips to another beautiful island in the Bali province.

Having explored the advantages of taking a wellness retreat in Bali, you might be more inclined to consider taking one now. The advantages for your health, your outlook and your general wellbeing are so numerous, you may feel that the cost involved is actually a small price to pay for such benefits. Explore the retreats available and decide which one suits you. You won’t regret it.


Published by Daphenee Plaisir