After giving birth to your little bundle of joy you’ll become consumed with taking care of them. From feedings, diaper changes, umbilical cord care, nap times, and much more it will seem like your new job as mom is never ending.

Well, your job doesn’t ever end, but that’s the true beauty of motherhood is that for the majority of your child’s life they will need their mother. Just because they need you and you want to be there to nurture them and help them grow doesn’t mean you put yourself on the back burner.

We have 10 helpful tips that will help you to remember that you are important too. Following these tips will be sure to help you keep your sanity especially the first couple months of sleepless nights that you are sure to endure.

These tips will help you to be in a better head space, have a better mood, and overall remain the pleasant person that you have always been. One of the greatest gifts you will ever have is that little one, but it is no fun if your in to poor of a state to enjoy every moment.

1. Schedule your sleep

A lot of people will advise mothers to sleep when their baby is sleeping and while this is great advice for moms that can’t bear to leave their house in disarray this can be hard advice to follow. 

Instead try to go to bed when your baby goes to bed. The first half of the night tends to be the longest period of sleep. And it can save you from being overly exhausted during night feedings. 

Also, remember that sometimes dirty dishes will just have to wait until later when it comes to you and your mental and physical state. You just have to take that nap instead of doing that chore and trust me you will feel better for it.

2. Find other moms in your area

It can be difficult to explain to people that are not mothers exactly how you are feeling at the time. We think it is important that you find a group of mothers in your area that are able to identify with what you are going through. 

They will be able to give you advice and vice versa. They will also give you an excuse to take the baby out of the house and not remain cooped up inside all day. 

3. Buy postpartum clothes

People get hung up on buying clothes during maternity that they completely forget postpartum clothing. A lot of times after giving birth your body doesn't directly do back to its pre-pregnancy size.

Your new body will definitely take some getting used to as you navigate all the things it has done. You've carried a baby for nine months, produced milk, given birth, and a plethora of other things.

Buy clothes that make you feel comfortable and allow you to fully appreciate your new body. And always remember to be kind about your postpartum body. The adjustment can be difficult, but just remind yourself of all the things it's done.

4. Accept help

Sometimes your family and friends will offer to come over and help you out. This may be in the form of watching the baby while you take a short nap or doing the dishes and even bringing you food.

Accept their help. You have no idea how overwhelming taking care of a new baby can be and how much more overwhelming it can get if you're trying to keep your home clean. They mean well so accept their help while they are offering it.

It will allow you to focus on doing the most important thing at the time which is taking care of yourself and your baby.

5. Go get a manicure/pedicure

It's okay to take some time for yourself when you need it. Give the baby to your spouse or ask someone you trust to watch the baby while you take an hour or two for yourself.

Perhaps, you don't wish to leave the house entirely so instead you can always have someone watch your little one while you indulge in a bubble bath or long shower. That hot water will not only make you feel clean, but it will also give you a much-needed energy boost.

6. Exercise

Don't do this right away wait the recommended six weeks and even longer if need be because your body did just go through a traumatic life-changing event. However, when you are ready to exercise again you should.

You will be surprised how much of a mental boost exercising will give you. It will help you to boost your overall mood as well. And if your baby isn't a high nap take there are tons of mommy and me workouts that incorporate your baby as well.

7. Get ready for the day

You may not be going anywhere, but putting on a cute maxi dress may give you a boost to go clean those dirty dishes. Getting ready for the day can do wonders for your moods and confidence.

No one would blame you for staying in your pajamas all day, but doing so can wreak havoc on your mental stability. It has been proven time and time again that when you look better you feel better.

8. Develop a routine

Not everybody liked to have a schedule that they follow. However, developing a schedule will help your body become adjusted to your new day to day activity.

It will allow you to know and work out what you can accomplish without taking too much time. Putting a baby on a schedule will allow them to begin differentiating between night and day and help them settle into naps easier.

9. Go on date night

You can have a date night outside of your home or inside of your home, but whatever you do make time for your spouse. Remember, you both now have new responsibilities as parents.

Making time for each other will simply help to make you all are a stronger team. Always remember that your biggest supporter is Your spouse so make time to rekindle the spark you all had before the baby came along.

10. Be kind to yourself

When we become parents we set this list of expectations and things we must do to ensure we don't ”mess up” our kids. Parenting is the biggest trial and error task that there is and you will make mistakes. And remember, stay away from dangerous habits such as smoking, since it can affect both the mother and the newborn.

Rather than beating yourself up about it try to be kind to yourself instead. This won't be the first or the last time you forget to pack the snacks or extra diapers and that's okay. Just like delivering your baby you don't truly know what to do until it happens!

Published by Evan Javier