Every one of us has things that we believe in. Depending on how we grew up or how we were influenced, our beliefs will always reflect how we view our perspective in life. It also mirrors how we handle tough situations. So I would like to share my 10 things I believe in. I would like to share with my readers the personal side of my life.


1.    God is our Father, and Jesus Christ was sacrificed to save us from our sins.

I’ve always been open about my religious beliefs and I value it a lot. I grew up in a Christian family and had a personal experience and relationship with Jesus Christ. It is one of the major reasons that made me who I am today.


2.    A family is a family no matter how many arguments or disagreements you have or you will have.

Yes, a family will always be family no matter what and I think everyone knows that. They will always be the first one who will be there for you in times of crisis and we will always prioritize them no matter how we try to ignore them. They are the reason of our sacrifices and why we strive to be successful in our life.


3.    True love waits.

I am a hopeless romantic and a big fan of happy endings. I believe that true love waits and we deserve to be genuinely loved and cherished. God made that person to be our other half in His perfect time and perfect place and we just have to wait for our love story to unfold.


4.    Small prayers can make big differences.

What is the most powerful weapon a person can have? It could ease someone’s pain, can give them encouragement and could open lots of blessings. Prayer is a simple yet prevailing act of kindness we can give to someone. Sharing our faith with them that God can help them go through a certain situation or pray for a breakthrough can make a huge impact on someone’s life.


5.    Time and distance can heal wounds.

I’m talking about emotional wounds like heartbreak, losing someone or losing a dream. Yes, time and distance can heal these wounds based on my own personal experience. A little bit of time and distance away from people or place which have hurt us, could help us ease the pain and find forgiveness to the people who didn’t bother to apologize to us.


6.    We should not settle for anything less than we deserve.

I should not settle for anything less than we deserve, that’s what I always tell myself. We are capable and meant for something great. We should always strive for the best. Why aim for 2 if you can aim for 1 right?


7.    With God, nothing is impossible.

Yes, God can do every possible thing in this realm. As stated in Matthew 7:7, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you”. God is the creator of all things; everything is possible if you ask God through Jesus’ name.


8.    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I think we all know this saying, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger tougher, and wiser. Every setback we overcome, every challenge we face makes us a better version of ourselves. It polishes us and it removes all the rough edges in our character to be the person that God wants us to be.


9.    Small things are the best things.

Small things are the best things in life. Sunrise, family bonding, a peaceful afternoon and just making your loved one smile are the amazing small things that make life worth living. Just thinking about it makes my heart flutter and thank God for giving me this gift.


10.    Writing is the best therapy.

Whatever we are going through, whatever what we are feeling, a pen and a paper are the best listeners of our own thoughts. Better than a psychiatrist, you will the only one who can understand your own thinking unless you’re head is pretty messy I suggest you see a Doctor right away.

So, these are the top 10 things I believe in that mirrors my way of seeing life. Why don’t you share your own top 10 and give me a link in the comment box? Let’s continue to inspire and spread the love.

Happy writing everyone!

Published by Tina Maria