There are things in life that we cannot go on without. It could be a superficial object or it can be a part of your life that no amount of money could replace. However, what these things have in common is the importance of them to you, so what does it matter if someone else thinks it is a waste of money or time.

  1. Family

Family to me is everything. I grew up in a small family, which slowly grew bigger when I met my partner. As years go on i realise that the only reason that I am able to make it through the dark and rough days is because of the people that surround me, the people who will put a smile on my face when all i want to do is sob.

My mom is my best friend, I tell her every detail of my life and in return I get advice which probably has saved me a hundred times from making horrible and destructive decisions. My dad is the joker of the family, who in time of needs will make you laugh. My partner is an all around nice guy, who will make it his mission to ensure that we both feel happy and comfortable. I also love my partners family, who although probably find it hard, keep on supporting the both of us. Not to forget Puma, our family cat who is stubborn, lazy, grumpy and a little bit chubby, but completely irreplaceable.

All in all, I would describe us as a goofy family. We enjoy a good laugh, we enjoy a heated argument and we enjoy a good old cuddle to make up for it. I am extremely lucky to be able to say that I got a family which i wouldn’t change, even if I had a choice.

2.  House



Me and my partner have recently moved out into our new house and have never felt better. I am especially happy about this because we needed our space for a very long time and having a house has given us an opportunity to develop as a couple. Don’t worry, a lot of arguments came along with the happiness. I could not live without our house, it’s our home and without it I would feel lost now.

3. Job

I could not live without a job (unless it’s a holiday, then i’m totally up for it). Having a job for me is so important because i’m a classic case of a workaholic. I enjoy throwing my self into work and organising and dealing with deadlines. I live for and crave challenges, and it gets me through my days. As much as I moan about work once I come home, I just don’t think I would feel complete without a goal in mind.

4. Education

This one is a biggie for me. My education has probably been the key to my life for the past good 5 to 6 years. I am currently training to become a teacher so I value not only receiving education but passing it onto others. I feel grateful for the opportunities I am able to receive, even though it has been a hard road to success, I am excited to reach and achieve my set out goals for my future.

5. Cake


I could not live without cake. I have probably not gone a day in the past 5 years without some sort of cake. I am a perfect example of a stress eater. I know it’s not healthy or good for you, but in soothes my soul and I tell myself that it enhances my curves. My hobby is baking, so as much as I love a good lazy bought cake from the shop, I also enjoy baking a good batch to share. Cake is a passion and i think without cake, my personality would be completely different.

6. Make-up and clothes

We all knew this one was coming. What kind of a girl would say that she could live without make up and clothes? A crazy one. Doesn’t matter how much you like make-up or how much time you have in the mornings, every girl loves their make-up and clothes. FACT. I will admit I watch YouTube video tutorials when I’m free and read magazines which will highlight their new in style trends, but I am also low maintenance. I enjoy achieving my make-up looks in a quick manner.

7. TV

You may ask what my ideal night in is? And no, it is not going out and partying or drinking to the point I am crawling home. My perfect night in is sat in front of the telly, watching my favourite TV shows and having a Chinese takeaway.  I cannot begin to explain all the favourite TV shows I have because I have watched too many, it would have to be a whole blog post of itself. I’m easily captivated into story lines and character emotions and get drawn in too quickly. I’m pretty sure I invented binge watching TV. So no, I could not live without my TV, take my phone, my computer, just not my Netflix and Now TV.

8. Tangle Teezer

You may laugh reading this, but my most important gadget right now is my Tangle Teezer. I have got fine and damaged hair, so it’s frizzy and can break all by itself. By switching to a Tangle Teezer my hair has thickened up and the frizz in the mornings is a thing of the past. It is honestly like magic.

9. Simple Sensitive Skin Care Range

From morning to evening, my face is always drenched in Simple care products. The moisturising light cream and night cream are my all time favourites. They do not make your skin feel oily or even worse dry and flaky, it just makes it feel soft and renewed. Applying the Sensitive cream honestly soothes your whole face and can take away a days worth of stress.

10. Pet


This one is one of the most important things to me in my life. I love animals, I have always grown up with an animal by my side. However, recently we have moved out and I have not been able to have a pet which has left me severely heartbroken. But as luck has it, a solution may present itself in December, so keep up to date.

What are your 10 things that you cannot live without? Please list them in the comments below.

Published by Simona Juodeikaite