College can be draining. Surviving it can be aching and now I wish I knew all these before I started college. 

1. Sleep is your best friend.
If you haven’t realized it, you’re about to; just you wait. In college it’s lucky if you can afford to have 5-7 hours of sleep, or any sleep for that matter, especially during exam week but please, please make sure to get a few hours of sleep because it’ll actually help you in studying. It’ll make you more focus and less lutang.
2. You’re not special
Sad truth, isn’t it? Sure maybe in high school you were class president, valedictorian, at the top of your class and over archived like no tomorrow but in college, those things don’t really matter. You’re all at the same playing field – all just trying to readjust to your new surroundings and getting the hang of it all.
3. You’re not going stay friends with your freshmen friends forever
I guess this could be a case to case basis, but don’t expect to be friends with those people you met on the first day until graduation. Not everyone is going to stay in your life and you’re not going to want them to stay. There are some people you realize, you’re better off without. If they’re not worthy of your friendship, don’t be afraid to let go.
4. Learn to be alone
It’s important to meet new people and make friends but you also need learn how to be alone. Date yourself! Find time for yourself, do things on your own and don’t let the people around you consume your being. Remember, in seven or eight years, who knows if those people will still be by your side? Study alone, eat alone, and relish in the moment of self realization and growth.
5. Not all professors are intimidating 
I’d be lying if I said I’ve never been intimidated by a professor but with that said, you can’t let that cage you from talking to them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, to go to them during consultation hours to ask how you’re doing in class or if you have any other questions. Hey, some professors are nicer than you think and soon enough classroom discussions won’t be boring or intimidating.
6. Don’t date your blockmate
I learned this the hard way. According to movies, it’s the time for boyfriends and parties, and hey, doesn’t everyone meet their future partner in college? My parents did! But I don’t suggest dating a blockmate, this usual leads to awkward situations, either when you too are fighting and the classroom because hostile in your imagination. Especially if everyone knows you twoare dating, your blockmates will start to notice if you two aren’t the smiling and sweet couple you were a couple of days ago. It’s also extremely uncomfortable when you break up with them but you still have to sit behind him for the entire semester!
7. Coffee is a life saver
If you didn’t like coffee before, you sure are going to learn to love it. With the sleepless nights and amount of work you’ll have, you will need something to give you energy. From the syala-ness of Starbucks to the wonders of cheap coffee found at 7-11, coffee is a staple during college.
8. College textbooks are expensive af
I have never encountered a textbook that was reasonably priced in college. Some professors require the use of textbooks and having 24 or more units means that most likely, you’ll be cashing out on a lot of books. But never fear, alternative options are here! Ask if there’s a PDF version of the book, buy/borrow from a friend who has already taken that subject and don’t be timid about going outside of your college bookstore to find the book you need.
9. It’s okay to change majors
Okay so, you’re half way through the semester but something just doesn’t feel right. Don’t feel bad about changing your major, just because your first choice didn’t make you feel at home, doesn’t mean you should just give up one what you want. It’s a sign of growth and knowing yourself even more.
10. Set up a study routine
Studying can be a pain, but when you find that perfect study habit that works best for you, it’ll be much simpler. Find a way to effectively prepare for your exams. Learn time management, study in one place, read when you have the chance, and give yourself at least 10 minutes for breaks. It will help a lot!

Are there any things you wished you knew before starting college? Leave a comment below and let’s talk!


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