After learning about how cool keeping a diary is I started a diary from August, 2015. This made me realize how much helpful keeping a diary is. Though it has a LOT of advantages, it makes you do things you never thought you’ll do. Like I learnt that in time of need I could push people aside and run towards something (I did that once when my brother started to inspect my diary!).

And if you too keep a diary, here are the things you’ll relate to:

·         You know the feeling when someone; your parents, your siblings or even a naughty neighbour kid who randomly decides to check every book you have on your desk, wants to open your diary and read everything in it like it’s some buried treasure and needs to be discovered.

·         You experienced something great, you want to tell the whole world, and you know you want to write it all don, but then procrastination kicks in and you decide to do it later. Naa…uh.. that ‘later’ never comes and you’re left with a blank page.

·         You make a planner and decide to write anything in it and that to every day, even if you get 10 minutes. Doesn’t happen. But rules are meant to be broken, right? No. Wrong.

·         You always attempt to write in your diary when you have mood swings and it turns out, your pages are full of unreadable rants with an abundance of words like, “ummm… you know…I told you so…I was lyk wat thee hell coz you know I was soooo surprisd!!”

Don’t ignore the spellings.                                                  

·         Don’t forget the handwriting. It is advisable from my personal experience “Do not. I repeat do not try to write anything when you’re angry.” Trust me. You’ll read the page thrice and still you won’t get what you wrote and WHY! But nothing is a bad handwriting; you just have your own font! (That’s what I say to console myself..)

·         You wonder why you wrote the things you wrote. Like, “I remember we used to hang out a lot. A LOT. (Unnecessary capitalization creating drama) Do you know what that means? (Nope. Still haven’t got a clue.) Because she liked me then. She liked me but no she acts like I am no one in this world.” (That’s why you should stop stalking her)

         What does that even mean?!

         P.S. The above example hasn’t been taken from my diary, I swear. I forget to write anything when I’m angry. I’m busy plotting their murder.

·         One day you’ll start writing about something and then you can’t stop. I mean, you just can’t stop in the middle of explaining something to your diary. And you don’t want to write more as you glance at the number of pages you’ve written so far, and then you think “This isn’t NaNoWriMo I’m writing for!” *insert extreme mental pain because you didn’t complete the NaNoWriMo last year. You lost by JUST 45,000 words.* and then you think your hands cannot take the burden of your brain telling it to write like mad and in the end, your mind wins. You complete the entry, even if the handwriting is looking something like Arabic with a blend of German.

         Been there. Done that.

·         At last your struggle to complete your diary with your experiences and your true feelings is over and you hope to publish it raw, and as it is, for it your own autobiography. But then you dismiss the thought thinking what your neighbour’s daughter’s best friend’s sister will think about her debut in your diary. Not a good thing. You decided to hang her upside down on the Eiffel Tower and then dip her in a GARGANTUAN bowl of mustard? Is it too bad you ask? Not at all, dear. It’s just a little violent and psychopathic behaviour. A little. Don’t ya think?

·         When someone asks- “What’s that diary you’re always carrying around?”

    Your answer: “WHAT DIARY?”

   They: “Why are you getting hyper? That diary in your hand, dude!”

   Me: “Yes…that’s not a DIARY..PFFFF..WHY WOULD I WRITE A DIARY? That’s the thing for…the thing I got…you wouldn’t wanna know, right? Right. Now here’s $5, go have fun.

         *secretly think about the things you could’ve done with the $5*


·         You now decide to conceal your diary. You look at the stack of books and loose sheets and your sketch pens and crayons that you purchased 2 years ago and forget about and a box full of colourful ribbons and a ton of material you never knew even existed. What’s a better place to hide! Right.

         After 2 hours you carefully hiding the diary at the bottom of your stack and run around asking “Wanna see my desk? See. Take a look. Find anything? Because there isn’t.”              People retreat after giving you strange glances (thinking you are slightly insane). First part of the mission is over. Now comes the second part where YOU actually have to DIG through the stack to find your diary to write in it…EVERYDAY.

       The next day? You lock the whole bloody ROOM. You wonder why you didn’t think that before. Could have saved your 374859 calories used to hide your diary.

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Published by Vrushali Pathak