I think it’s safe to say that Pokemongo has become a bit of a phenomenon. When knowledge of the app first came around I sat there thinking, what in the world is this? How does it work? And why is it so addicting? Now, I think to myself, there has to be something else that people could be doing with their time.

And so here is my list of things you could do instead of staring at your cell phone.

  1. Read a damn book. Whatever happened to that? When did people decide that reading was something that you stopped doing in high school?
  2. Don’t like books? How about a magazine? You can pick an interest and LEARN something
  3. Go for a walk… without your phone. Ya know all those walks you keep taking while playing? Why not just go for a walk?
  4. Visit all those places you keep getting pokemon from. Instead of just running in, grabbing a pokemon, and dipping out, why not go actually take a look at where you are and enjoy being there for a minute? You could have just ended up somewhere kind of interesting
  5. Call a loved one. Since you’re already on your phone, why not use it for its original purpose and talk to someone.
  6. Head to the gym. Since you can’t get the exercise just wandering around, go and really workout.
  7. Play with your real pets. They don’t just virtually love you, they love you in real life.
  8. Download a geocaching app. It’s a real live treasure hunt. With actual things at the end.
  9. Teach yourself a new hobby. I learned how to knit the basics in less than a week, now I’m a knitting addict. See? Just like pokemon.
  10. If you really want that hit of nostalgia, head to the back of your closet and dig it out. I’m sure you’ve got some pokemon cards or pogs or something hiding back there just waiting for you to play.

Published by Emily Kelly