When heading off to a European capital, such as Prague, for the weekend, don’t go unprepared. Without a good plan, a perfect weekend break can go to waste. Here’s a list of things you should do and see while visiting the golden city of one thousand spires:

1. See the Old Town Square

There is no time to lose on the first day of your trip, so head to the Old Town Square. Get ready to discover the history of the city and its medieval buildings that date from the 10th century. Here, you will see the Old Town Hall and its fascinating mechanical clock.

When the clock strikes an hour, tourists usually get a chance to see a show at its top. While you’re in the neighbourhood, visit Josefov; there are find six synagogues and other historical sites in this famous Jewish quarter.

2. The Charles Bridge

Go from the Old Town Square to the Charles Bridge. It takes less than ten minutes to reach it on foot. Once there, take a moment to enjoy the view over Vltava River. Don’t forget to bring the camera; you can take some amazing shots while strolling along the bridge.

With around 30 statues of various saints, this bridge is a perfect example of the baroque style. Many tourists are eager to visit this symbol of the city during the day – so, get there early in the morning and avoid the crowd. There’s nothing quite like a sunrise over Prague.

3. The John Lennon Wall

Come together at the John Lennon Wall in Prague! Located in the Mala Strana, it’s only four minutes away on foot from the Charles Bridge. Various Lennon portraits, The Beatles’ lyrics and graffiti have been covering the wall since the 1980s. With many messages of love and peace, this wall is a unique part of Prague.

4. The Prague Castle

Another must-see is the Prague Castle. In the Mala Strana, take the tram that will take you to the New Castle Stairs. Continue on foot. Climb up to the Hradčanské square and enter the gates of the castle.

The entrance is free; but if you want to see the medieval history exhibits inside the complex, you’ll have to buy a ticket. The castle tour includes a collection of impressive artefacts. In the heart of the Prague Castle, explore its gardens, towers, and the stunning St. Vitus Cathedral. Behind the castle, there is a 16th-century house where Kafka used to live.

5. Enjoy the Nightlife

It’s high time we got the party started in Prague’s nightclubs. Prague has something to offer for everyone. If you are into jazz music, check out the riverside club JazzDock. This lounge bar offers a lovely ambiance with great music.

For ardent clubbers, there are clubs with techno, RnB and mainstream music, too. Enjoy some techno in Epic and Roxy club or see the biggest European club in Prague, the Karlovy Lazne. Check out its four floors with different music genres, from mainstream to drum ’n’ bass.

6. Enjoy a Cruise

On the last day of your trip, you will only have a couple of hours to spare. There’s no better way to spend the last day than on a cruise on the Vltava River. The cruise helps you escape the traffic and the crowd. It allows you to see the city from another perspective and lets you enjoy it in peace. Many cruises offer various extras, from luxurious lunch cruise to historical tours.

So, check online which one is the best for you. Many tourists agree that a one-hour cruise is worth the time and money.

7. Get Lost in Wenceslas Square

If a cruise isn’t your cup of tea, head to Wenceslas Square that is just five minutes away from the Old Town Square. Located in the centre of the New Town, Wenceslas Square is actually a boulevard. Here, you will see the statue of St. Wenceslas, the National Museum and the Prague State Opera. Many Czechs and tourists come here to blow off steam.

There’s a variety of things to do and see, from shopping to dining. Cafes, beer pubs, bars, and restaurants are definitely must-visit places in this part of the town.

8. Enjoy the Food

Speaking of food and restaurants, Prague offers a unique gastronomical experience for its visitors. While sightseeing, eat on the go. Check out Czech pastry shops and try the trdelnik, a type of sweet pastry with nuts. If you are dining out, order the Czech specialty Koleno, a delicious pork knee with pickled vegetables. Other traditional Czech delicacies are sausages with potatoes and cabbages. Bon appétit!

9. Explore the Museums

When it comes to museums, Prague has it all! There are history museums, art museums, beer museums, a sex machines museum, and a Lego museum. In total, you will find around 280 museums. Naturally, it’s impossible to visit them all. If you want to visit at least half of them, you will need a well-organized itinerary.

So, turn to a destination management company that can put an itinerary together for you. That way you won’t have to worry about what to do next.

10. Have One for the Road

Czech beer is a must for every first-time visitor to Prague. The most famous beer brands are Pilsner and Staropramen. Still, you won’t regret trying craft beers, like Matuska, or the oldest Czech beer like Svijany. Most beer pubs close before or at midnight, so beat the crowd and reserve a table. For example, popular beer pubs such as At the Golden Tiger or At the Little Bears are a good choice. Cheers!

A Perfect Weekend Getaway

No trip to Prague is perfect without these ten things, so get the most out of your weekend. Explore the city, its sites and its various museums. Enjoy the nightlife in Prague to the fullest. Taste the local delicacies. Mingle with the locals in pubs and make some great memories.

Published by Michael Deane