Normally, I have no idea what to do. And I know some of you are the same, which is why you have stumbled upon this article. And let's be real, sitting for hours at a time staring at a screen can get pretty boring, not to mention lonely. So, what are we to do during these 2 months of summer? Here are 10 things to do this summer.

  1. Try a New Hobby
    Knitting, drawing, playing an instrument, sports - try and find something new to do. Nobody said you have to like it, but try out a bunch of things and see which one(s) you like! If you find a good hobby, the summer will blow away in no time.
  2. Read/Write a Book
    Who doesn't like a good book? And even after you've finished one, you could get inspiration from the story (or you just have a brilliant mind that can think of ideas, who knows), and during the summer you oculd work on a book. 
  3. Find a Job
    I don't mean an office job or anything, but of course you could do so if you wanted, but I mean an easy job like babysitting or delivering the paper. You could get a profit and have something to do! Amazing!
  4. Movie Marathons
    I know I said staring at a screen can be boring... But come on, everyone needs a Harry Potter movie marathon in their life. (Of course, the books are better.) You could also invite some friends to watch the movies as well. This would be a better choice if you were watching all 3 Insidious movies. But still, grab some popcorn and your best pals, and watch some movies.
  5. Anime Marathons
    Movie Marathons are good but Anime Marathons are even better. (Well, to me atleast, I don't like movies.) Who knows? You can finish the entire season! In a day! But make sure you get some sunlight and stay healthy, because I do not want to be blamed for your health issues.
  6. Take a Walk
    Sometimes a bit of fresh air is all you need. However, make it exciting. Have a scavenger hunt. Explore part of the area you never went to before. Take a different route back home. Use your phone and take pictures. Appreciate the beauty of nature.
  7. Decorate Your Room
    Not much of an idea, but you could make a few things and decorate your room with them. No idea what to make? YouTube exists for a reason. I'm positive that there are some summer DIY's you could do. 
  8. Go Out With Friends
    Sometimes we all need a bit of company. Call a friend or two or more and plan a day out. Go to the picnic, the aquarium, to the mall, the movies, wherever. Just relax and have fun! Of course, if you don't have friends, that's an issue...
  9. Stalk The Neighbours
    This wouldn't be my number one suggestion (obviously, it's number 9), but when all else fails you could spy on the neighbours and get some ideas from them. Remember to be stealthy, though, because if your parents/guardian find out you were stalking the people next door...
  10. Do What You Normally Do
    Even though it could mean sitting in front of a screen, do what you normally do, what you like to do. I can't give much more detail on this, can I? Just go with what you usually do. Sleep. Eat. Sit in the screen. Eat again. Murder someone. Eat. Go back to sleep. Just the regular cycle. If something crops up that you want to do, do it! 

There you have it, 10 things to do this summer. Some may seem lousy and I apologise for that. 

If you want more specific things to do check out my blog creme pouffes - if you can find them, ther eare 2 posts giving another 10 things to do in detail! I'll post a new list every Saturday for this month. 

Well! I hope I'll see some of you around. That concludes this article. Bye!


Published by Crystal Lunar