You’re adventure is about to take off sooner than you think! Now that you’re done with your application, paperwork, fees, and other ten thousand things that you had to do, you need to make sure that you have everything that you need in that luggage of yours! Either it’s for a week or for a month, here’s a few things you should double check before you go.

1. Copies of your travel documents and other important documents. Make sure you have copies of your passport, health insurance card, copy of travel itinerary (names and phone numbers of transportation and destination), prescriptions, and other important documents.

2. A personal first-aid kit. Don’t forget the band-aids, antiseptic, pain relievers, and all those necessary essentials. Trust me. I had a cut when I went cave tubing in Belize and it got infected and turned into a huge rash all over my body. I was on medication the entire time I was on my study abroad and it was not fun. If only I had a first-aid kit with me right away, it could have healed before the infection spread.

3. A small collapsible umbrella. You just never know it could be a lifesaver – may it be for the rain or for the sun! Throw it in your purse/bag and you’re good to go!

4. A laundry bag. A small light bag can be helpful to sort your dirty clothes from your new clothes, rather than throwing those dirty clothes back into the suitcase.

5. A travel water bottle. Remember, hydration is important wherever you go. I highly recommend a filter travel water bottle. It may be a little costly than the average water bottle but it’s a better investment in the future. You never know how safe the water is depending on your travels.

6. A padlock. Definitely buy a padlock, maybe a couple of them. During my study abroad trip in Belize, I kept all my valuables in my suitcase and I always kept it locked. I had a professor who kept his wallet in his backpack. He stuffed it with the other luggages in the taxis that was traveling to our villa. With our big group, it was hard to stay with the same taxis that held our luggages. After being dropped off at our villa, my professor found out that he had $300 stolen from his wallet. It was only a 15 minute drive from the airport to the villa, but it happened somewhere during that time.

7. Converters and adapters. If you are bringing any electronics, like your phone and your laptop, these are lifesavers. They can safely charge your electronics! You can also check the country’s specific travel guides which usually indicate the voltage and AC frequency needed.

8. A camera with extra memory. Taking a camera can be handy! You might not want to fill up the storage on your phone or you might not have any more storage on your phone, so a camera will be useful! Extra memory is a plus.

9. A pen. It’s a very important universal item needed. You’ll need it to complete forms when you arrive in your host country, to do your homework, to write in your journal, and to write down information. Trust me, you’ll need one.

10. A travel journal. Keep a journal with you for all your travels. To write about your feelings, your morning view, the delicious desserts you ate, your new friends, and all the amazing adventures that will yet to come. You’re future self will thank you for it.

So keep this checklist in mind! These can be the few items that we always forget. Make sure your roommate, your friends or your parents have a record of the phone numbers of the people you’re traveling with and all copies of your travel documents. Lastly, pack light. Packing light is packing more. You want to bring all those souvenirs back home, right?

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Published by Kristin Xiong