Although I only au paired in Italy for two months, I was still able to learn a couple of valuable lessons about this artful business that I wish I'd been told from other blogs beforehand. So here is a list of things that you might or might not have heard of about au pairing that I believe are worthy of mentioning:

1) Decide whether you want to au pair in the big city or countryside.

Beautiful Florence


2) Whether you choose to stay in a city or a country town, know where your host family's house is in terms of its city/town.

Florence's historic centre


3) You're not really expected to know what your duties are until you get there.


4) Remember that most families with au pairs are quite wealthy, which means the kids are very likely to be spoilt.

Playing Monopoly


5) The first few weeks WILL be very tough, and you will probably want to quit.


6) Don't feel guilty for saying: "No" occasionally.


7) Be honest with your au pair family, and talk to them about how you're feeling.


8) Choose your country of au pair carefully.

Dinner with the lovely cousins :)


9) Remember that every family is different!

My host mum bought us matching clothes, but this is our faces after 10 minutes of trying to take photos


10) Everyone should try and be an au pair at least once in their lives :)

On top of Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence :)


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