If you haven't heard of 5 Seconds of Summer, they are an Australian 4 piece band, who play their own instruments and write their own music. The band consists of Michael Clifford (guitar), Calum Hood (bass), Luke Hemmings (lead vocals/guitar) and Ashton Irwin (drums). They already have two albums out, and have a song that is featured on the upcoming blockbuster Ghostbusters called Girls Talk Boys! 

1. They would date a fan!
(My personal favourite fact) 
Talking to Seventeen magazine, the boys - mainly Michael - admitted that they would date fans. Good news for us, hey? Hmmm I can imagine it now.. it would be like a fanfiction come to life! 

2. They have written with many different big names. 

The Madden Brothers (Formerly Good Charlotte) wrote Amnesia from the first album with the boys, and have even performed it at some of their shows, as well as Money, She's Kinda Hot, Hey Everybody!, Broken Home and Permanent Vacation on Sounds Good Feels GoodKiss Me Kiss Me and Jet Black Heart were written with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low, as well as End Up Here, Long Way Home and Over and Out. James Bourne (Busted/McBusted/Son of Dork) helped pen the bonus track on the iTunes edition of the first album - Greenlight. Mike Duce, Lower Than Atlantis frontman, helped them write Heartache On The Big Screen.  Plus many many more, these are just the main ones that I knew! I look forward to seeing who they've written with for the new music that will be coming out in October! 

3. Ashton Irwin is scared of ducks.  

According to Capital FM - Ashton is scared of ducks due to being attacked by a group of them when he was younger!

4. The guys always brush their teeth together before a show! 

They admitted on the band Twitter account that before a show they all brush their teeth together, for no apparent reason! Now I've heard many different stories of pre-show rituals, but brushing their teeth might be the weirdest! 

5. They weren't allowed a real dog on tour, hence Ketchup! 

Apparently the guys were desperate for a dog to come on tour with them, but when they were told it wouldn't be fair on the dog and realised it would be for the best to not have a dog join them, they bought a fake dog and named him Ketchup. Ketchup is common knowledge amongst most of the 5sos fam, but the original reason behind it is less known. 

6. They once had to busk for petrol money to get home after a show

7. They thought about auditioning for X Factor

After a lot of thought, they decided they didn't want to be associated with the X Factor label. 

8. Niall found them first, not Louis

Now, I am not a 1D fan, but they did help 5SOS get to where they are, so they aren't all bad I guess. Everyone always sees the tweets from Louis Tomlinson where he shares the Gotta Get Out video on Twitter, but in fact - Niall showed Louis. 

9. They were reluctant to go on tour with 1D 

It was only Ashton that was up for it straight away. The others were holding out hope for Warped Tour, but eventually they all came around to the idea even though their music styles differ. 

10. They would love to see an all-girl version of their band!

In an interview with Billboard, Luke said that an all girl version of 5SOS would be cool. If someone wants to organise this, I'm in! 


So there you have it, 10 lesser known facts about one of the hottest bands right now. Comment with any facts that you know! - and let me know your fave! I want to see who's most popular - most sources say Luke, but myself I'm a Mikey girl :D 

Published by Danielle Kirk