Planning a trip to Amsterdam soon? Then you'll definitely want to take note of these 10 things you must do!

1) Take a trip on a canal boat - Amsterdam is best seen by boat and offers an unbelievable sight both night and day - when the bridges are lit up with little fairy lights in the evening it truly is magical. Floating along the canals is a great way to understand the city and you'll learn lots of history and fascinating facts along the way. There is a number of different canal cruises to choose from to hop-on hop-off sightseeing tours to candlelit night time cruises - there's certainly something to please everyone.

2) On your bike! - A very popular form of transport for both tourists and residents alike - cycling! Hire a bike and get lost in the narrow streets of Amsterdam. Venture out further and take scenic ride through some of the city's beautiful parks - just make sure you stick to the bike paths!

3)  Visit one of the many museums on offer - From the Van Gogh Musum to the Sex Museum there is certainly not a shortage of museums in Amsterdam and they are definitely worth a visit.  Explore the works of Vincent Van Gogh or take a photo next to a giant male genital organ - whatever floats your boat really!

4)Visit the Anne Frank House - Yes you're probably going to have to queue but will it be worth it? 100% yes. The Anne Frank House is a writer’s house and biographical museum that provides an insight into what the Frank family, Van Pels family and Fritz Pfeffer had to endure during WWII. It is an extremely powerful and moving experience which you really do need to see for yourself.

5) Have a cocktail in the Hilton Sky Lounge - If you want some perfect city views and a nice cocktail then the Hilton Sky Lounge is the place to be. Sip a cocktail and enjoy some music while you take in the crazy city of Amsterdam. This is especially nice in the summer with the rooftop garden. 

6) Take stroll around VondelPark - Vondelpark is the largest city park in Amsterdam and by far the most popular in the Netherlands. It is much loved by both tourists and Amsterdam residents and it's no surprise as it's stunning! Breathe in some fresh air and enjoy a leisurely stroll (or cycle!) around the park. 

7) Visit the Red Light District - Regardless on your feelings towards this, it is a huge part of Amsterdam culture and definitely something you should experience while you're there. This area comes alive at night time just make sure you don't take any photos as your camera will probably end up in the canal! 

8) Visit a 'Coffee Shop' - Another significant part of Amsterdam culture is the legal use of Cannabis and is a very popular reason why people visit the crazy city. If you're going to try it then Amsterdam is the place to do it just go slow on the Space Cakes because they are VERY strong (believe me when I say this!). 

9) Take a free walking tour - Walking tours are a cheap, easy and informative way to get your bearings in a new city and learn some interesting history about the place. What's great about walking tours is that you pay as little or as much as you like so are really good for travellers on a budget. 

10) Admire the beautiful flower market - The best known flower market in the world the Amsteram floating flower market is a unique experience because it stands on houseboats. From cacti and house and garden plants to seeds and plant pots, the market offers a diverse range of a gardener lovers dream. It's a wonderfully colourful place to wander around and a great source of unusual and interesting plants. 


Published by Hannah Smith