The world today is full of competition. If you don't focus you WILL get beat down and not achieve what you're working so hard for. So, here are some tips that you could try to make it!

  1. WRITE IT ON PAPER. Guys remember this: If it’s not on paper, it doesn’t exist. And I don’t mean : “I want to be rich”. This is what I mean: ” In 6 months I’ll have 30+ more clients on my business” Or if you’re a student: “I’ll finish my degree when I'm 22 and no extensions will be needed”. A SPECIFIC PLAN.
  2. FOCUS ON THE GOAL, NOT THE PRESENT. Thinking about where you are now, is not always good. If you’re thinking ‘oh I’m having a hard time finding clients now and it’s always going to be like this. NO. THINK; In 6 months I’ll have more than 30 clients and I should start practicing and getting one at a time now.
  3. TAKE A BREAK. DO NOT OVERWHELM YOURSELF. Results don’t come the next day. Working yourself up on the first week will burn you out! Don’t do this! Take breaks to refresh your mind!
  4. TO DO LIST. Kind of related to #3. Make a to do list and STICK TO IT. 2 hours of learning, 1 hour break, 1 hour of working, 30 mins break 1 hour working. FOLLOW THESE LIST. (Of course your to-do list won’t be like that but it’s good to set a time!)
  5. REWARD YOURSELF. Don’t forget to celebrate even the tiniest victory! If you get one lecture done, eat an ice cream! If you get a new client, make a Facebook status and celebrate the win!
  6. REWIRE YOUR MIND FOR Success. Take 10 mins everyday. Imagine that you have already reached your goal. How does it feel? Remember that feeling, because that is the feeling of success and that is the feeling that you want at all times!
  7. DON’T NEGLECT IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIPS. Work is important but family? A million times more. You can’t celebrate success if you have no one to celebrate it with, or you can but it’s just no fun! Make sure you still have time not only for yourself but for your family!
  8. DON’T TAKE EVERY OPPORTUNITY. Yes that’s right. Learn how to say no. Taking every opportunity that comes your way will overwhelm you and might lessen your value! Everyone wants something that is difficult for others to get! Focus on the opportunity you have now unless you see something that you will want more than that. If an opportunity comes that you think is good not great? don’t take it. You will lose your focus and instead of being able to put in 100% effort on something you only give 30% each and not get the results you want.
  9. LEARN HOW TO MAKE INVESTMENTS. People are afraid to take risks and are afraid to make investments ‘in case’ they lose. We all know real results only happen from real investments. If you’re too afraid to take risks you will be working for those who are not!
  10. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS. If you start comparing yourself who is doing better than you, REMEMBER they were where you are now! They worked hard to be the person you are now envying! Look up to them and use them as an inspiration and motivation! Aim to be their competition!

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