Amongst all the sports, Skateboarding is the sport attracting more and more youths. With its popularity, the demand for comfortable and durable skateboarding shoes has also increased. You might have noticed that all the big manufacturers today have a separate division to produce high-quality skateboarding shoes.


Many people ask, “Why waste so much time to select skateboarding shoes? Can’t a pair of good-looking running shoes or sneakers work well?”

Well, they won’t work.

If you hold experience in skateboarding, you might already be knowing which shoes are good for you. They need to be in alignment with your style of skating. But if you are a novice, it is essential to protect the feet without eluding the boarding sense. This article is about all those who want to master their skateboarding skills without spending a fortune on their perfect skateboarding shoes. Here are the 10 tips to choose the best skateboarding shoes:

1.     Check your skating style

There are various kinds of board tricks and which all you do will help in determining what types of shoes you should look for:

  • Ollie, a skateboarding trick in which a jump is carried out by tapping the skateboard’s tail on the ground. It is the commonest board trick.
  • Aerials are done when skateboard’s all four wheels are above the ground. Landing in this trick requires a good amount of sustenance on the heel and foot’s support.
  • Another kind of skateboarding trick is to slide. These are further categorized into nose-slide, tail-slide, and rail-slide, all involving a board slide against different mediums.
  • Grind is yet another famous skateboarding trick. It is done when skateboard’s one or both the axles are scraped on a railing, curb or any other surface. To perform this trick, you should wear flexible shoes because they will give you a great control over your board.

2.     Check the available styles

A wide variety of skateboarding shoes with different looks and functions are available but two kinds of skate shoes are preferred by most skaters, cup soles and vulcanized. Both of them have their own advantages.

  • The vulcanized shoes are slim, lightweight, flexible, and look like casual shoes. These shoes offer more board feel and maneuverability for tricks such as slides or grinds. Moreover, they are easy on your pockets.
  • The other commonest are cup soles and they provide enough support and prevent your feet from hurting because they are made of a thick sole and have more cushioning. This prevention is very necessary when jumping down and performing tricks.

3.     Check the cushioning

By now you are aware of your skating style and the common styles of skateboarding shoes. Now, you should focus on cushioning factor while choosing skateboarding shoes. Various skate shoes having different cushioning style are available in the market, choose the one that suits you best.

  • The skate shoes having a midsole of soft EVA foam helps with impact when the board or feet hit concrete. If you are looking for something durable, PU foam midsoles might last longer.
  • Some skateboarding shoes, especially vulcanized ones come with dual cushioning on the heel. Double cushioning equalizes the effect on thin soles.
  • A heel collar is also present in various skate shoes. This is for additional stability near the heel and prevents the shoes from slipping during skateboarding.

4.     Check the durability

For a perfect skateboarding experience, you will require durable shoes with these features:

  • Look for skate shoes that have lace guards present in them because they will prevent your laces and allow you to skate swiftly.
  • Another thing to look for is the additional upper layer of material. This increases the durability of your shoes and prevents any wear and tear.
  • A crucial contact point amid the board and skater is the external sole. Go for a shoe that has a flat outsole and made of gum rubber. Prefer gum rubber than any other kind of rubber because it lasts longer and grips better.

5.     Check the brands

As mentioned above also, many reputable companies are producing safe and durable skateboarding shoes. Some of those companies are:

  • Fallen, Circa, Emerica, Dekline, Etnies, and Duffs are some very famous brands.
  • If you are the one who wants shoes with the best grip, easy to wear and with great flexibility, then you should go for brands like Adio, Vans, DC, Globe, Nike, DVS, and Lakai.
  • A brand that produces very stylish skateboarding shoes is Osiris but they are not considered durable for skating.

6.     Decide whether you really need shoes for skating

If you are not much into skating, then you don’t really need skating shoes. However, you can always wear them to enhance your style. If you very rarely do skateboarding, then your normal running shoes or sneakers can also work.

  • Skateboarding shoes look similar to casual sneakers but are expensive.
  • You can get similar looking sneakers at a lower price but they won’t be as durable as the skate shoes. Moreover, they will lack comfort while skating. 

7.     Select them according to your frequency and not price

Finalize the skateboarding shoes according to your frequency to skate. If you skate frequently, you can go for those well-built expensive because they will last longer. If you do not skate regularly, then you can go for cheaper alternatives.

  • The correct skating shoes might be expensive but they will be comfortable and prevent you from foot injuries while skating.
  • People who don’t skate regularly and are not into aerials or other complex board tricks can go for cheaper shoes.

8.     Reconsider your skateboarding style

Your selection of skating shoes can vary depending upon your style of skating.

  • If you are more into board tricks like grinds, ollies, and slides, go for flexible shoes with a thin sole, such as vulcanized shoes.
  • If you frequently do jumping tricks like aerials, then go for shoes that have heel protection and thicker sole, such as cup soles.
  • Make sure that the shoe you are purchasing is suitable for your skating style. If you practice simple board tricks, you won’t require typical skateboarding shoes.

9.     Choose the designs

Like all other shoes, skateboarding shoes are also available in various designs. Even one and a half decade back, skating shoes with only limited designs were available in the stores (because only those designs were manufactured) but today, a lot of variety is available.

  • Besides durability and comfort, look for designs also. Nowadays, affordable skating shoes of various designs are available on stores and they offer a high level of comfort and long life.
  • While choosing the design, you should consider your personal style and go for the one that compliments your clothes and style.
  • With the advancement of technology, a number of online stores have opened which offer skating shoes in gorgeous and exceptional designs.

10.            Toe Cup

Another important thing you should consider while purchasing skate shoes is whether you require additional protection on your toe.

  • Toe cups in skateboarding shoes are usually made up of strong suede or rubber and cover the toe’s tip. If you feel that you need shoes with toe cups, then go for them.
  • Moreover, if you often do tricks such as ollies and kick-flips, then go for the shoes having an appropriate toe cup.

So, these are the 10 tips that can help you choose the best skateboarding shoes. Consider them, purchase the pair of shoes best for you and enjoy skateboarding to the fullest. 

Published by Taslima Akter