In travel, the journey is much better and more beautiful than the destination.

Don’t you agree?

Once you reach your destination, you have to travel again to visit places and so forth and so on.

Many beautiful memories and happy moments are made while you travel, as you meet new people and become travel buddies in no time.

If you are traveling for the first time, and you don’t know what are the necessary things that you need to be aware of, then you have landed at the right place.

Your first travel within the country or abroad will definitely make you nervous! That’s a given.

In order to reduce your stress to the minimum level, we’ll provide you with the much-needed Luggage Talk to ensure a memorable and fruitful travel experience.

So, here are the top 10 travel tips that you need to know before you travel.

1. Itinerary

It is always good to plan your day to day activities and travel schedule way ahead of time.

This will certainly help you plan much better and face any challenge in case of unavoidable circumstances, for example, the weather not permitting to travel anymore for the day.

The Itinerary will have all the information about local stay along with costing, you need to be smart enough to cancel your future booked hotels and plan according to your current situation.

2. Luggage

This is a big blind spot for a first-time traveler since you have no clue about travel luggage.

The only best advice here would be to travel light.

Carry only those things that are really necessary like any medicines, comfortable travel clothing, a first aid kit, chargers, basic skin care products, and lastly two bags - one will be your luggage bag and the other bag will be with you that will have all your documents like Passport, cash, cards, identification card, mobile, handy medicines etc.

3. Travel Insurance

This is rather a new type of insurance, which protects you against any unexpected situation like a natural phenomenon or any personal circumstance.

It is good to have one as a backup since it comes with some advantages and is being used widely these days.

Some insurances also cover the vehicle insurance too if you renting them; this is certainly a benefit since you are in an unfamiliar place that you would like to explore.

4. Duplicate Copy of your Documents

This is a mandatory precaution that any traveler has to take.

By making a copy of your documents and storing them in your luggage, even if you lose your documents, these duplicates will certainly help up to a certain extent.

You should inform the concerned authorities immediately for a reissue of the document.

5. Public Transit

Many travelers would be interested in the local culture and would like to travel using the public transport facilities.

This is an excellent way to get to know the new place faster and safer.

Have a copy of the local map or research on different types of public transport for the location you are visiting, it is certainly worth the effort.

6. Weather

Weather, of course, cannot be controlled by us, but we can still predict the weather for the near future.

Keep a track of the weather during the season you are visiting this location.

The best option here is to check for weather reports from the previous year during the same time, and also keep a track of it with the weather predictions and updates on the internet.

Weather is one of the major factors in determining the travel to be good or bad.

And, it is all in your hands to be a smart planner.

7. Foreign Currency

Traveling internationally means it is understood that you will require the currency of the other country you are traveling to.

The best place of exchange would be the Airport with proper document verification.

A smart choice would be to convert cash into different denominations, which will be convenient to spend.

Furthermore, a lot of hotels offer currency exchange too, so try to find them beforehand in case of emergencies.

8. Electronic Devices

We are all addicted to our devices, especially our smartphones and laptops.

You will obviously carry one or a few devices while you travel to keep you company.

So, make sure to check for adapters or overseas sockets that are compatible to charge your device.

Have a backup cable stored with you in case of luggage being lost while in transit.

Also, try to carry a power bank that will come very handy during travel.

9. Travel Security

This doesn’t mean hire bodyguards, but you definitely must be wary of your surroundings.

It is a common practice to steal items from travelers and you will be easily identified from others as you will be spotted with your signature luggage.

Ensure that you have minimum spending stored in different bags or different clothes.

In case any of them gets stolen or lost, you are not as helpless as you think since you will have enough money to make back to your hotel at least.

10. Personal Sleeping Kit

A long journey on a flight will require a personal kit, which should contain a neck pillow, an eye mask, noise-canceling earplugs and a few disposable towels.

This will certainly make your long travel a bit comfortable since you will be confined to your seat throughout the entire journey.

This is not a mandatory step but just go-the-extra-mile so you can make your journey a pleasant one.

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Published by Asheer Raza