Your wedding is one of the big events in your life. If a wedding is badly planned, it will be a disaster and the marriage will start with a trainwreck. These 10 tips will help in making sure that this does not happen to your wedding:

1. Always Prioritize The Guests

One misconception that is involved in organizing a wedding is that the priority should be on the couple. While this is true to a certain extent, a wedding organizer should realize that the guests are just as important. Start dividing the wedding venue into squares, with each guest assigned to one. Squares of 25 to 30 square feet for each may already be enough for everyone to move around freely. Organize the wedding with the welfare and enjoyment of the guests in mind. Search with the terms like best wedding rental near me, wedding furniture rentals near me, and wedding photographer near me to find the best wedding related services to ensure your guests feel at home at the wedding venue.

2. Send Invitations Ahead Of Time

It has already been said: the guests are crucial in any wedding. Even when the wedding is held on a weekend, there is a possibility that the guests will have to file a leave from their work. They can also make some arrangements for their kids and family during these times. If they know the wedding date ahead of time, they can, at least, inform you whether they will be able to attend or not.

3. Prepare a Plan-B                                       

Whether your wedding is going to be held indoors or outdoors, you have to plan ahead a possible contingency plan should the weather prove to be too bad that the guests are having trouble traveling to the venue. You may not be able to predict the weather but look at signs like frequent rain during particular months and weather patterns. Also anticipate negative things happening so that you can prepare well.

4. Allocate Emergency Funds

Most weddings organizers meet issues along the way because the budget is sometimes not enough. Should this happen to you, it would be a good thing if there is an emergency fund that you can tap into. There are always surprise expenses that you may have to make that did not occur to you until the moment you actually already have to spend on it.

5. Use Your Credit Card For Purchases Related To The Wedding

You are already spending a lot of money on your wedding. You may as well earn some points on the purchases you are making. The wedding-related expenses can give you as much as a few thousand reward points. If you do not have a credit card with a rewards program, it would be good for you to sign up for one before the wedding preparations start. The good thing about these reward points is that it can be used for your honeymoon.

6. Keep Track Of Everything

When you are thinking about a lot of things, it can be difficult to keep track of all the things that you have to prepare for. If you are old school about files, purchase a binder where all the receipts, invoices, letters and notes are kept. If you want to use technology to streamline everything, download one of the wedding apps that are available for multiple platforms. Additionally, store the contact information of important vendors and suppliers that you will be dealing with.

7. Reassess Your Plus-One Arrangement

The traditional arrangement when it comes to weddings is the plus-one scenario. If your guest list involves a lot of people, you may have to assess whether this plus-one arrangement would still be good. If that is not the case, one move you can do would be to only allow the plus-one arrangement for married couples. This way, at least, you can put the single guest s together on tables.

8. Provide Maps And Guides To The Wedding Venue Ahead

Everyone is going to be busy starting a few days before the wedding day. To lessen the burden on people, it would be best that you already send in a map to the guests as early as a month before the actual date. This way, you no longer have to answer text messages and calls answering questions on where the venue is or what they do to check in at the hotel.

9. Keep A Paper Trail

Always keep documents related to the wedding. If there are changes in the agreements that have been set for the wedding, at least, you have something written on paper that you can show them. Just because things seem like they are all set, does not mean that everything will go okay.

10. Do Not Go Dress Shopping On Your Own

A wedding day is something that will be remembered by the couple and the guests for all their life. It would be best to assemble a few friends that can tell you honestly what they think of your fashion choices. Must follow these wedding dress shopping tips.


There are so many more aspects of wedding you need to plan ahead and plan well. But wedding venue decoration should be of utmost importance as it can make or break the experience of the guests. Look out for the best wedding decoration rentals around you and pick the best possible decoration plan within your budget.   

Published by Arina Smith