In the entrepreneurial world, how you are perceived by people associated with you, such as business partners, investors, vendors, customers and team members, will spell how successful you will be as an entrepreneur. Even in the corporate world, your value as an employee is dependent upon the recognition your talents get from the managers and top bosses. You need to become their invaluable employee.

This means you will have to sell yourself right. You may have a brilliant idea as an entrepreneur, but if you are unable to execute that idea, it is worth nothing. Thus, it is the selling the idea that is important.

Here are 10 ways to self-promote yourself at the workplace for entrepreneurial success:

#1 In the beginning, there was the ‘idea’

An idea remains just an idea, if not acted upon, but is indispensable for entrepreneurial success. If there isn’t an idea what will you act on. The idea needs to be promoted, since that is how you will be able to build relationships with investors, business partners, co-founders, customers and the like. This, ultimately, will be the key to success.

#2 Acquiring newer skills

To an entrepreneur, skill usually means technical skills. But, that is only a part of the game. The need is to acquire soft, interpersonal skills. This may spell the difference between success and failure. In addition, entrepreneurs need leadership skills to be an effective team member and an effective listener, as also coaching skills that can easily be had from advisors and peers.

#3 Finding ways to build reputation

A good reputation is a great asset. And to build it you need to be trustworthy and do things in an honest way. Remaining in the good books of your boss can get you only this far, but if you have a reputation that people can fall back on you in times of need, it is bound to get recognized and take you towards success.

#4 Not shying away from public life

For success, forget your personal life, since you have to step into the public domain. Using the internet and social networks, you will need to build your image. These tools will no longer remain personal. How you respond to people on any platform will help in coming into the consciousness of people who are important for your success.

#5 Building positive presence in media

Today, social media has become a powerful tool that can make or break you. If you use it right, it will give you plenty of benefits. You can build your reputation by carefully cultivating your online image. You can connect with people with similar mindsets and find people who can actually help you in your start-up.

#6 Being nice to all

In a team there will be people of all age groups, some you will take a liking to others may not be too friendly, but all will be indispensable. You will need to train yourself mentally to work with people of all ages and dispositions.

#7 Networking pays

Today, for a successful entrepreneurship, it is not what you know, but whom you know. This brings out the importance of remaining connected with others. It also shows whether you can work with others to solve problems. Not staying connected may soon make you irrelevant.

#8 A single person may prove indispensable

It does not require a full team for entrepreneurial success, just one investor, customer or distributor can make the difference in keeping you a step ahead of the competitors. The difficult part is to find this person and keep him or her on board to support your business. If you project your reputation well, it will not be difficult to find such a key person.

#9 Working to accomplish

Spending hours at work holds no meaning, if nothing is achieved. Today, the name of the game is accomplishment. Working to accomplish will help grow your business. Thus, your work ethos should be to remain result-oriented and help others to realize your objective in practical terms.

#10 Your start-up is your baby

You may get associated with people to make your entrepreneurial initiative a success, but remember that implementation of the idea remains in your hands. You will be accountable for its success or failure. This entails taking charge of your life from the word go and make your entrepreneurial foray a win-win situation for all.

Good news foreign entrepreneurs

The good news is that United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will permit immigrant entrepreneur start-up founders to work in the country. This proposed new rule for entrepreneurs, that was spelled out on August 26, 2016, is yet to be enacted.


In your attempt to gain visibility, be aware as to not to brag or become self-centered, but share success with the team. This way, you will carry your team with you from success to success.

Published by Kaushal Shah