Whether you want to survive an arduous college or work environment, or just want to look smarter, there are many things you can do to turn around and look smarter. Here are ten simple tricks to boost your brain power.

10. Read better and faster

One of the best ways to increase your intelligence is to read more. You can read faster - and therefore acquire more knowledge - if you manage to eliminate that inner voice while you read or stop moving your lips while you do it. Give your mouth something to do, like eating something or chewing gum, and read fast. Then take a moment to reflect on what you read and keep it in your memory. Regardless of whether it is War and Peace or a Wikipedia article, you'll be amazed to see how much you learn when you not only read fast but well.

9. Speak loudly and do it expressively.

The more you contribute to a conversation, a meeting, or a class, you will seem more intelligent. Even if that means admitting your ignorance or asking a lot of questions, you will give a better impression than if you stay silent, and it is quite possible that you will learn a lot in the process. Expressive speech is key: you can boost your credibility simply by making sure you speak the right tone. Change the volume and timbre of your voice as needed, and minimize the number of pauses you make. A little confidence works wonders.

8. Do not be a victim of bullshit

When someone tries to convince you of something, they can often fall into logical fallacies, appeal to your emotions and other 'traps'. Learn about the most common forms of fallacies so you can spot them right away. By knowing what they consist of, you will be able to avoid committing them, which will help increase your credibility.

7. Concentrate on what you know

When you are in a heated discussion, you are prone to fall into many gaps of knowledge. It's okay to admit when you do not know anything, but if you feel especially insecure, the key is to emphasize what you do know. If you are in a fight, do not emphasize on the point of disagreement but on the agreement, that way you do not remove from the conversation the things that you do know.

6. Exercise

Make sure you have a healthy life, which means eating healthy and exercising. Many studies have shown important links between regular cardio physical activity and productivity and creativity. Spending all day in the gym will make you smarter? Surely not, but sitting is dangerous to health and also prevents the brain from reaching its full potential.

5. Talk to yourself

Although a person who speaks between teeth is often associated with a "crazy" person, a recent study showed that talking loudly gives a temporary cognitive impulse when we are trying to find something. The theory is that when we put verbal labels on a task, we focus on it better. So if you feel like opening your mouth, do not stop, you might do things faster.

4. Learn another language

People who know two or three languages are often perceived as intelligent by others, but different studies show that they are actually smarter. When you learn a new language, you become able to put mental tasks in better than those who only know one. Learning another language is a real and useful way of being smarter. In addition, there are methods that allow it to be achieved in a few months.

3. Do things the hard way

Technology makes our lives easier, but sometimes its worth doing things the hard way. For example, GPS navigation is very useful not to get lost, but if you rely heavily on that technology, you will never truly learn a route or path. Doing things the hard way can help make your brain sharper.

2. Learn what will not make you smarter.

There are various inquiries about the things that make us smarter, but it is also important to know what will not make us smarter. The less time you invest in silly myths, the more time you'll have to train your brain.

1. Believe that you can become smarter

The last step simply believes you can do it. There is no need to be arrogant, just assume that you have not yet reached your maximum potential, which allows you to ask questions about how to achieve it. That will never happen if you think that somehow your intelligence is predetermined, so once you create it, you can pursue the intelligence you want. If you can’t do it, it may be time to recalibrate the way you perceive reality: attitude is important.

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Published by Reed Cooper