Tinder is one of the most popular apps for dating in this mobile-oriented world, where if you don't have a phone to answer you email you're the one disconnected person in the office that everyone knows will never communicate aside from a gruff hello at the water cooler. When everyone moves at light speed at any time of the day you need an app for connecting with other singles. Swipe right, and you might match with your new fling. Swipe left, and you'll never know what could have been. You can pay for unlimited likes but Tinder is free to use for everyone looking for that "someone special". So what are some good ways to use the app on vacation to find a warm body to cuddle up to and maybe make your vacation a permanent stay?


1 Go Unlimited 

Depending on your needs and the amount of time you're going to be on vacation you should consider getting Tinder unlimited. This means more Super Likes (which your like will see before they can swipe) a rewind that allows you to go back to the last person and reconsider your swipe, or as I use it for just to look over the rest of their pictures. When your time is limited you will need to like those other users right now instead of waiting for the likes to be refreshed the next day.


2 Travel With Care, Like On The Go

If you're close to your destination or plan on going to many places in the same vacation swipe wherever you go. Sometimes you have to search far and wide for the best match and a memorable stay, so keep liking while on your way to the eventual destination. 


3 Use the Super Like Wisely

You know that the other user can see you Super Like before they get a chance to swipe, so use the Super Like as if you were in person and had the chance to say hello and flirt before they could walk away. Which user would still keep walking? Which one would take notice of your special attention? These considerations are something you should think through carefully before tapping that special blue star.


4 Desperate For Love? Don't Swipe Left

Let's face it your time is limited and you need to get intimate within a short amount of time. Most women can ignore this item because they won't have the same troubles a man does. But men, if you're not getting enough matches or the matches are too occupied with their other suitors than you might want to consider swiping right on EVERY user. Let's face it Tinder users are beautiful far and wide and there isn't an unsightly woman using the app. Don't be choosy.


5 Change Your Search Settings

Maybe at the time when you downloaded the app you just wanted to date women/men who were one or two years younger or older than you. But now you just want to have some fun right? So change those parameters to the youngest and oldest age limits, because there are only really certain age groups using the app and most are younger. Men I know that people will judge you for dating a 20-year-old if you're over 35 but most of the users are around this age. 


6 Consider Changing Your Profile Picture

If your picture isn't getting any positive results then change it to a more flattering one. Most people look at just the first one when making their decision so you should lead with you best picture, but let's keep it realistic and relatively recent because if it isn't and you meet them in person the date will end right there. You can use a great picture from a couple years ago but not if you've gained over 50 pounds and lost a load of hair. 


7 Your Bio Needs To Grab Attention 

Yes, some ladies like the mysterious types that leave the bio empty, but unless you look like Brad Pitt you should have a bio. There's no right answer to what you should write in it, but it shouldn't be a cliche or obvious lie. We know you aren't Robert Patterson and long walks on the beach are only relevant if you literally live beach-side. Write something that they will want to ask about to get the conversation going.


8 Friend Photos

If your profile photo is a picture of you and you friend then I'm swiping left, especially if every one of the is a photo of you and her. No one wants to take the time to discern between you and your strikingly similar looking friend unless they have some sort of weird thing for threesomes. And my guess is your friend doesn't share that taboo desire. Same goes with the people that have over 20 common friends. If it hasn't happened already it's not happening now, just forget about that girl that you had a crush on in high school that's on Tinder now. She's just not into you.


9 The Message

Once you match with enough women, and if you follow this advice you will, you will have to message them. Most of the time men will have to initiate the conversation, so choose your first words wisely. Most people go with the standard salutation of "hi" or "hello" and this will work with the average woman. But the choice females get so many matches that a simple "hi" will not make you stand out enough for a return message. Try to flatter or describe why you swiped right. If this doesn't work then good riddance to an inactive or snobbish user.


10 Closing The Deal 

After a conversation, you will want to get her/his phone number. This is more personal and multimedia can be sent if you're both the type of people who like to expose more than Tinder will allow. From here you can set up a date in a public location and get to know each other. Want to make some bad decisions with them? Go ahead and make this your new baby daddy/momma. Those rare occasions may lead to a lasting marriage and you'll have this article to thank for it. Send me the wedding photos and congratulations, you know that toaster you got that no one knows who brought? That was me.



Published by Blake Gardner