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Saving money doesn't always have to mean putting it in the bank, at least not right away. Saving also means being a savvy shopper and getting your money's worth out of products: Using them less, extending their life, doing without, or finding a less expensive replacement.

How often is it that you ask yourself "Could I do without this? Is there a cheaper alternative?" If the answer is rarely or never, now is the time to re-evaluate.

Here are 10 ways that you can start saving money today.

  1. Shop around for phone and internet deals - Not always is the "big guy" the best guy. If you're in a rural area you may not have much of a choice when it comes to internet providers unfortunately, but those in more suburban areas likely will. Look for the best deals, not the company name. There are lesser known providers who offer unlimited or bundle plans for less than the big guys. Shop around before you commit.
  2. Repair items instead of tossing them - Do you have blankets with holes in them? Shirts missing buttons? A torn sleeve? instead of tossing those items, pick up some thread and a needle and repair them. if you don't know how, learn, or ask a friend for help. Repairing an item is often much less expensive then replacing it.
  3. Wash in cold water - The cost of electricity in most places could probably constitute as highway robbery. Cut down on those costs, and keep your colours brighter in the process, by washing your clothes in cold water instead of warm or hot.
  4. Cut out the dryer - Want to take number three one step further; quit using the dryer and give an old fashioned clothes line a try.
  5. Use disposable razors - Disposable razors are available with two, three, and eight blades just like your reusable ones (okay, maybe that last one isn't a thing but it should be) . instead of spending $18-$28 dollars on razor blades, you can get a clean shave and save money by spending $5 on a bag of disposables. Face it, the only thing reusable about a reusable razor is the handle anyway.
  6. By generic baby formula - Did you know that almost every generic brand baby formula has ingredients identical to it's name brand? Compare the labels. Save yourself money by going generic instead of buying into a fancy name.
  7. Stick with generic in general - While the labels and names might not be as "cool" as you want them to be, generic brands of almost anything are equal to or almost equal to its name brand version. This includes over the counter and prescription medication. Don't buy into big names.
  8. Don't toss old soap slivers - When your bar soap becomes too small to hold easily, instead of tossing it add it to a new bar. Once both the small portion and new bar are wet push them together, they'll stick to each other like they're one once dry. Don't want to do that? Cut the sliver into little bits and put it into a canister. Once you have a decent amount, mix it into a container with some Borax and you have yourself some homemade laundry soap.
  9. Buy in bulk - Costco, Sams Club, and local meat markets have great deals on a ton of stuff. You can typically get double the quantity of most items for the price of what you would pay at a local grocery store. Beware however, you can easily get sucked into purchasing lots of things. Don't buy it unless you need it.
  10. Avoid new when buying a car - A vehicle loses value as soon as it leaves the lot, so outside of keeping up with the Jones's what is buying brand new going to do for you? Put a bigger hole into your bank account. You can avoid this by purchasing a vehicle that's a year or two old. It will (in most cases) still be in great condition but be lower in price compared to its most recent model.

Have more tips or ideas on how to save? Leave them in the comments below.

Published by Joss Hawk