Thursday, October 10, 1957 Vol. C629



East Farewell- East Farewell has had its share of alien sightings, the first in 1952 and the last most recent in 1954. With the launch of the Russian satellite Sputnik last week a new perspective has been placed on the UFO sightings. The science shop on Lake Street dive has sold out of its telescopes and Sam’s radio repair shop has sold out of shortwave sets and regular radio receivers. People around town are have taken to going out in the evening and throughout the night and gazing upon the heavens, not to identify astronomical constellations, but in search of the elusive man-made moon. Many others have stayed tuned to their radio sets in attempt to pick up the simple beep that Sputnik is putting out. It has been well documented that the satellite orbits the earth every hour and 35 minutes so being able to pick up the beeping is very possible any time of day. Many people have claimed to have spotted the object in the sky using their newly acquired telescopes.

            The Regional High School has also gotten into the Sputnik mania, so to speak, by offering new clubs for astronomy and radio reception. Students have been seen in groups on the high school field after dark with numerous telescopes all pointed in the same direction and hoping to view Sputnik. Sightings are numerous and very exciting for the ones doing the sighting. As for the radio reception it has turned out to be somewhat anti-climatic because it really only exists as a beep and although there have been numerous attempts to try and decipher any form of beep Morris code interpretation, nothing has been deciphered. One senior, Jack Fitzgerald, has taken the lead in the Sputnik club and has personally claimed 15 different sightings. “I just seem to know where to look in the sky to see it. It is very exciting. I am able to let my friends and other members of the club look through my telescope and verify my sightings,” said a very excited Fitzgerald when asked about his new passion.

            While many people are surprised by the Russian technology advance most feel the United States is still on equal technical ground with the Russians and expect to see a US satellite in space very soon. Some people have expressed concern that Sputnik is a spy device and is spying on the United States. The government has yet to disavow this statement. With the launch of Sputnik, interest in outer space has exploded not just in East Farewell but across the United States. Many academics are very happy with this newfound curiosity and hope that it will lead to a greater exploration of the cosmos.



Riverview- The Cougars traveled to Riverview on Saturday and notched up their second win of the season, 24 to 23. After a well played game against a strong Wildcats team the Cougars were able to walk off the field with their second win of the very young season. The Riverview Wildcats are a very strong team this year and are expected to place well in the league standings. The matchup was highly anticipated because both teams are fairly young but have great potential.

            The game is started as a defensive battle with neither team scoring in the first quarter. Both teams struggled offensively to get first downs and punters, Dave Galloway for the Cougars and Jimmy Smith for the Wildcats had their work cut out for them. They both ended up kicking four times each in the first quarter alone. In the second quarter the Cougars were able to move within field goal range and Galloway was able to connect for a 25 yard field goal to give the Cougars a 3-0 lead. That was the only score in the first half. The second half was an entirely different game. The Wildcats came out and scored on the first drive to take a 7-3 lead and take momentum control of the game. After a short three and out offense by the Cougars the Wildcats took control on their own 35 yard line. They were able to drive down to the Cougars 10 but Daniel Green made a point stealing dive in front of placekicker Smith to foil the Wildcats scoring attempt. This sparked the offense and they were able to drive down behind fullback Robbie Blackman to the Wildcats seven in six plays. Then an end run by back Joey Neil was able to bring the Cougars back into the lead, 10-7. The teams then traded field goals to close out the third quarter. The fourth quarter started with a 13-10 lead by the Cougars and the Wildcats with the ball. Wildcats quarterback, Antonio Carmella, was able to pass for two first downs and move the ball down to the Cougars 28 yard line. Then the Cougars defense took charge. Cougar safety, Jimmy O’Mara, intercepted a Carmella pass and was able to run it back to the Wildcat 7. It didn’t take long for Cougar quarterback, Bill Dolan to hit tight end Richie McGee for a touchdown. A very rare two point extra point was attempted because Galloway seemed to be having some shoe problems. Dolan went around the end with Neil to make the 2 point score moving the score to 21-10 Cougars. On the ensuing kickoff the Wildcats ran the ball back to the Cougars 40. Carmella was able to use his fullback’s, Ball and Johnson to move the ball down to the three. A short pass to his wide receiver Marco brought the Wildcats back within four, 21-17. The short kickoff attempted by the Wildcats did not work as planned and the Cougars took over on the Wildcats 45. The Wildcats defense tightened up and only let Dolan move down to the 25. Galloway having fixed his shoe problems attempted his longest field goal attempt of his career of 40 yards. He was unsuccessful as the ball fell short but was fielded by Wildcats running back, Anthony Cappelli, who was able to run the ball back by a surprised Cougars team all the way to the Cougars 30. Fullback Johnson rumbled down to the five and a center plunge by fullback Ball put the Wildcats in the lead 23-21. On the extra point Daniel Green was able to get up over the top of the line and tip the ball just enough to push it off to the left, leaving the score 23-21 with three minutes left. The Wildcats kicked the ball long into Cougars territory but Joey Neil was able to swing around the outside and take the ball back to the Cougars 45. Dolan tried a couple of running plays and was faced with a third and four. He was able to drop back and hit McGee for a first down at the Wildcats 32. Then Dolan surprised the Wildcats by keeping the ball and running up the middle when he saw all his receivers were covered. He made it to the 19. Dolan is not known for his running so even coach Burcowitz was surprised. Dolan then gave the ball to Blackman who used up most of the clock while plowing to the 13. With only 20 seconds left on the clock Dave Galloway came on for a 23 yard attempt. The ball was placed the kick was straight and true. Time ran out with the Cougars winning 24-23. “That was a great game. Those Wildcat kids have a lot of heart and we had to play our best game to beat them. This is going to be an exciting season with the Wildcats, the Miners and us all looking really strong, I haven’t even had a chance to look at the other teams yet but so far, this looks like it is going to be a wild season,” said Coach Burkowitz after the Game.

            The Cougars travel to Corning for another tough matchup against the Corning Devils. The game begins at 3:00 on Saturday on Coring High’s field.



The Soviet Union announces it has tested a new type H-bomb. This comes in the midst of Sputnik jubilation.  Radio signals from the Russian earth satellite (Sputnik) are being heard again after being silenced for six hours. A State Department spokesperson says the department wouldn’t be surprised if Russia launched another Sputnik “at any time.”

President Eisenhower declares that the first U.S. satellite, a small 4-inch “test vehicle” planned to scout space for the fully instrumented 20-inch sphere, will be sent up this December.

Experts at the Naval Research Laboratory believe Sputnik could stay in space for as long as a year. “Reports that the rocket shell is disintegrating seem =highly unlikely at this time” said a spokesperson.

Soviet Communist Party Chief Khrushchev accuses the U.S. of inciting Turkey to start a war by attacking Syria and challenges the U.S. Senate to investigate his charges.

The Dodgers approve a Los Angeles deal to move out of Brooklyn. Dodger’s President Walter O’Malley pledges the resources of his vast baseball empire to provide his newly adopted city with the best team and biggest attendance figures in the National League.


Published by JD Carroll