Thursday, October 18, 1956   Vol. C680



East Farewell – The Circus had barely packed up their last railroad car and stowed their final tent pole when the organizers for the second East Farewell Oktoberfest took over the Fairgrounds. The Oktoberfest has been moved up from last year’s November start to better fit the traditional time of the celebration. Another change for this year is the festival has been shortened from two weeks to one week. This decision was made after it was widely agreed that last year’s two week duration was too long and people felt it was just too long. Instead of calling off the festival altogether, it was shortened to one week. The Oktoberfest will kick off on Saturday morning but there will be Main Street Stroll on Friday night. Since the Fairgrounds back up to the Fun Pier the Pier’s rides will be open for the entire Festival along with the boardwalk and most of the shops. Fairgrounds will have giant tents and plenty of action going on inside. Three of the five tents will have stages and plenty of tables and seats. The table will be long picnic-like tables and the seats will mostly be benches. There will be plenty of food, too, all served in a family style which is placing large platter and bowls along the center and sharing servings among everyone at the table. There will be roasted chicken and of course, bratwurst on the menu and certainly lots of beer and other softer beverages. Bands will be playing on the stages in the evenings and many of the local favorites will be performing. The Jerry Tabor Band will headline at the opening. The other bands on the schedule are Big Roy and the Magnificents, Charley Green and his Soggy Bottom Boys and a big hit returning from last year, the Hans Snider Polka Band. The bands will revolve around the different tent stages and their schedules will be posted all around the fairgrounds. The Oktoberfest will run from Saturday to Sunday from 9:00AM to 11:30PM on the weekends and from 11:00AM to 10:00PM on the weekdays.










Corning - Away from the field, Bill Dolan and Mitch “Merc” McMaster don’t spend much time together.   Dolan, Cougar’s junior quarterback, likes to “go a bunch of places,” according to McMaster, a wide receiver who said he is more of a homebody.  But the two talk every day and throw a minimum of 30 balls each day, and an undeniable chemistry is starting to form between the two.   “We had a really productive summer together, getting together almost every day and playing,” Dolan said after the Cougar’s 28-7 romp over Corning. “I’m so lucky to have him.”

            So when Dolan tossed an interception on his second pass Saturday, he went back to the connection he knows best.   After throwing two interceptions on his first six throws, Dolan finished the day 9 of 14 for 167 yards with a pair of touchdowns.   McMaster caught three of those nine passes for 85 yards and a touchdown.   “We just like having fun out here,” McMaster said with a smile. “It’s a good time.”

            McMaster’s first two catches in the first half were sideline grabs, each going for at least 30 yards.   Dolan saw McMaster in single coverage on the edge, and McMaster — a 6-foot-3, 166-pound senior    was just too big and fast for Corning’s corners. Then there was McMaster’s third-quarter touchdown catch on Dolan’s last, and most important, throw of the evening.   Trailing 21-0 at halftime, Corning received the ball to start the third quarter.  After a Devils fumble, the Cougars put together a six-play, 45-yard drive, which ended when Dolan found McMaster in the corner of the end zone for a 22-yard touchdown.   Just like that, Dolan’s rocky start segued into a smooth finish.  Cougar’s Coach Al Burcowitz said Dolan just needed to settle down early in the first quarter. Once he did, he threw a couple of really nice balls, especially those three to Webb.   “Billy D. and Merc definitely have a connection, a good one-two punch,” Burcowitz said.

The Cougars travel to Slate Mountain’s north side next week to take on the Canaries who will be holding their Homecoming. The Canaries are one of the other top ranked teams in league along with the Devils and the Cougars.



A Coast Guard Rescue - All 31 passengers and crew members of a Pan American Stratocruiser survive a dramatic ditching and rescue at sea, after it took off from San Francisco.


About 125 carloads of hooded Ku Klux Klan members parade through Clinton, Tennessee, scene of racial disorders arising from school integration last month. Four crosses were burned.


The Chicago Tribune and the Hearst Publishing Co. announce the sale of the Chicago American and Chicago Sunday American to the Tribune.


At the movies -

Tea and Sympathy - Deborah Kerr, John Kerr

Seven Wonders of the World

Giant - Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, James Dean

Moby Dick - Gregory Peck

High Society - Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, Robert Wagner

Autumn Leaves - Joan Crawford, Cliff Robertson




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