Thursday, October 25, 1956   Vol. C591



East Farewell – The second annual East Farewell Oktoberfest opened on Saturday to huge crowds and lots of happy reviews. The Fest will last until Sunday with a big closing event in the main tent on the fairgrounds. The details of the event’s future are still being discussed even as the event goes on. Last year the festival went on for two weeks which most felt was too long, so this year it was shortened to one week. It was also at the beginning of November last year and was moved up to mid-October this year. The location has remained the same, the Fairgrounds that back up the Fun Pier on Lake Charles. This let the Festival spill over to the Fun Pier and takes advantage of the rides and boardwalk. Most of the restaurants and craft shops were able to set up booths around the three main tents on the fairgrounds forming a Midway that has been very popular from the start of the festival.

            Stages have been set up in all the main tents to allow lots of music and event related stage shows to go on almost uninterrupted from the start. The bands have moved from tent to tent throughout the event and the headliners have included Jerry Tabor, Big Roy and the Magnificents, Charlie Green and the extremely popular Hans Snyder‘s Polka Band. Along with the music beer and cider along with roasted chicken and potatoes are being served.    Even with the food being served in the tents, which is being supplied by Charles Wenze’s Lost Oasis Restaurant, the Midway has a full line of different foods from Funnel Cake and Corn Dogs to sausages, bratwurst and kraut. Most of the Midway fare is ‘to go’ but several restaurants have set up small table to seat some of the weary fairgoers.

            Many of the fairgoers dressed in traditional Oktoberfest Bavarian garb of lederhosen for the men and very popular dirndl for the women. All the servers were dressed in such gear and many of shopkeepers kept with the theme. The fun will continue until Sunday and this year’s fest will be looked at by the committee to try and make next year’s even better than this year.

Happy Oktoberfest participants



Slate Mountain - Thanks to some strong defense, Slate Mountain edged the Cougars, 7-6, Saturday in a Regional League battle at Slate Mountain East High.   In spite of Cougar Pat McKean’s 12 tackles, and just before the conclusion of the first half. Miners Ryan Connors intercepted a pass to stop a Cougar drive at the Miners’ 11-yard line.   Miners quarterback Steve Rand put the Miners on the board with a 50-yard touchdown pass to Johnny Doyle in the second quarter. In the third quarter, “Tank” Brown ran for a Cougar touchdown, but the Galloway failed to convert on the extra-point attempt. That was the second extra point the freshman kicker has missed in the first three games but Coach Burcowitz does not seem too concerned. “He is still learning, I mean he is only a freshman and we are asking him to do a lot. He was very upset about the miss but I told him not to worry, he will just keep getting better.”

This was a big win for Slate Mountain. Aside from being their Homecoming this game was the showdown of the two top seated teams in the league. They will meet again later in the season but for now the Miners are on top of the league. The Cougars come home to face the Central Bears at 3:00 on the High School field.



Radio Budapest discloses the Soviet and Hungarian troops began all-out attacks aimed at “smashing completely” rebel forces still fighting in Budapest and many provincial towns. Meanwhile, Communist East Germany mobilizes worker fighting groups with a call for vigilant defense against any tide of revolution such as that sweeping Hungary Revolt over Hungary as Budapest’s anti-red revolution blazes across the Western Hungary to the border of Austria on a widening panorama of war and death.


President Eisenhower issues a strong warning to Premier David Ben-Gurion of Israel against taking any “forceful initiative” in the Middle East. The Egyptian army says it has begun “liquidating” an Israeli force which thrust its way deep into Egyptian territory toward the Suez Canal. Israeli forces are reported deep into Egypt - some 18 miles from Suez.


Disregarding a last-minute appeal from President Eisenhower, Britain and France move against U.S. and Egyptian protests and begin an invasion of the Suez Canal zone at dawn.


Marilyn Monroe meets Queen Elizabeth. Ms. Monroe was one of a group of international movie stars presented to the Queen at the annual royal command film performance. Also attending - Joan Crawford and Victor Mature, Dana Andrews, Vera Ellen and Arlene Dahl.


Jerry Marshall, top-rated DJ at WNEW says he hears there’s a trend with rock ‘n’ roll.  “A top rock and roll label executive told me that each of his recording sessions is geared more and more to appeal to the pop field because he realizes that the long-term trend of rock and roll is leveling off and the teens themselves are tiring of the monotony and sameness of beat and performance which have marked so many rock and roll records.”

“Granted that original pop stars are still ‘covering’ established rock and roll artists, but the division in performance is now much less pronounced. The line of demarcation between the rock and roll approach and the pop approach is no longer so strictly drawn, and all the artists - from both fields - are no leaning much more the commercial and homogenous appeal of the pop field.”


Published by JD Carroll