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East Farewell – Indian summer made an appearance in East Farewell last week as temperatures soared into the 80s for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The usual temperatures for this time of year in town average in the upper 50s or low 60s. The weather service said this weather anomaly is not uncommon but this one was more extreme than expected. “This event sort of caught us off guard with its very high temperatures,” said local weatherman, Sean Walker, “We got caught in a stalled high pressure zone and while usually wind from the west moves it right along this time the wind was not there and the temperatures just hung around.”

            The hot weather was not completely unwelcome. Some folks enjoyed the late summer by going down to the beach and taking a dip in the lake. The lake water was still chilly, about 58 degrees but most of the bathers did not seem to mind, “It was really refreshing,” said a swimsuit wearing youth still dripping from his dip.

            The restaurants took advantage of the very mild evenings by opening up their outdoor dining and people spent more time strolling through town even as the twilight came early and by 7:00PM the restaurants had turned on their outside lights that had been brought back out of storage. For the most part people took the heat in stride. “Sure it is hot but it is kind of nice. We get one last blast of summer and it was a great summer,” said Mrs. Mallard, local boarding house owner, “I was sold out for almost every week this summer. I had to have my daughter, Natalie, to help me out. She is older now and some of the young men staying over had to be told to watch their steps,” she laughed.

            Technically, the Indian summer was only an inversion but it did spark a lot of late evening activity and a lot of talk on the street. By Thursday and cold front had brought some cold rain and a drop in temperature making the memories of summer memories once more.

Indian summer stroll 1959



East Farewell – The talk of the town was all about the new, strong Cougars football team. The home opener just seemed to reinforce the talk. The Cougars walked onto the Regional High Field on Saturday and picked up where they left off last week. The Riverview Wildcats are not as strong as the Miners were and they have many underclassmen in their starting lineup. They have a lot of enthusiasm but are a little short in the teamwork department. The Cougars won the toss and took the ball. On the kickoff Joey Neil was able to race through most of the Wildcats and get down to the Wildcat 18 yard line. The second play of the game was a center plunge by big Robbie Blackman who knocked three Wildcats over as he rumbled 18 yards. The next play he kept the ball and carried the whole Wildcat line into the end zone. Regalia and his unusual style kept his perfect extra point string intact. It looked like the Cougars were going to have a wonderful home opener.

            The Wildcats were not going to let that happen. They took the kick off and buckled down to a determined, somewhat haphazard drive that took them down to the Cougars 20 yard line. Then with third and six they brought out a small player, by far the smallest on the field, to attempt a field goal. The Cougars sideline was buzzing and some wise cracks were heard. The ball was snapped and this small kicker approached the ball. The kicker’s foot struck the ball and it launched with the force of a rifle and sailed through the uprights and past the end of the field over the fence and onto the baseball outfield. It traveled at least 45 yards in the air. The stadium was stunned and silent. The Wildcats were jumping around like they won the game. The kicker jogged to the sideline and took a seat on the bench as players congratulated the kicker who did not remove their helmet. It wasn’t until almost halftime that the kicker finally removed their helmet and revealed he was a she! The kicker was a girl. Once she had revealed herself, Rachel Zorn, there was quite a bit of commotion on the Cougars sidelines. Coach Burcowitz was frantically looking through the rulebook to see if there was anything about girls being able to play in the league. “Apparently there is no rule against it. There is nothing in there that says girls can’t play in this league. I don’t believe it but it is, I mean isn’t in there,” said the Coach right before halftime. “They really pulled one over on us, that girl can kick. But you aren’t going to win a lot of games if you don’t score touchdowns,” he added.

            There was still a full half to play in the game and after things had calmed down the Cougars regrouped and were able to drive down the field right before the half and Joey O’Toole was able to run a sweep around the left and score with only 10 seconds left in the first half. Sammy Regalia kicked the extra point and was obviously trying to kick it as far as he could. He almost missed but luckily nipped the inside of the goal post and went through. The half ended, 14-3, with the Cougars on top.

            In the second half the Wildcats came out with renewed energy, unfortunately their talent did not match their energy. They were stopped at the Cougar forty three and even their new superstar, Rachel Zorn who was officially introduced at the half, could not kick one that far. The Wildcats punted and once again Joey Neil threaded his way through the Wildcats and made his way down to the 12 yard line. This time Dugan went to the air and found his young tight end, Albert Dillon crossing the center just across the goal line. After Regalia’s extra point the score was 21-3. Both teams went back and forth in the middle of the field until late in the fourth quarter when Dungan tried a shotgun snap from the Cougar’s own forty, but usually very reliable center, Daniel Green let loose a high, wild snap that flew over Dugan’s head and bounced down to about the thirty where a dashing Wildcat defensive end, Ned Dunlap, picked up the loose ball and returned to the goal line. He was 5 yards ahead of the nearest Cougar, Dugan, who made a valiant effort the stop him to no avail. Dunlap scampered into the end zone for the score. Zorn blasted the extra point as both sides applauded. The game ended, 21-10, Cougars but a new era of Regional Football had been born with the first female played to ever play in a game. She did very well.

            The Cougars will face the Corning Devils, who by the way are all male, next Friday at 4:30 on the Regional High Field. 



Declaring it will not be beaten, the United Steelworkers Union says a court order may force an 80-day truce in the record steel strike, but their leader indicated they might strike again, after a Taft-Hartley truce.

A group of scientists wants the government to set up an agency for - scientists - to keep the peace. The group - including two Nobel Prize winners, would help solve “technical” problems such as disarmament.

The Weather Bureau respectfully rejects, for the time being at least, suggestions that it try to knock out hurricanes with H-bombs. In the first place it knows of no reason for believing the attempt would succeed. In the second place, it is conceivable that an H-bomb explosion, instead of killing a hurricane, would make it worse.

In a Gallup Poll, President’s Eisenhower’s popularity has risen to its highest point since May 1957 as 66% like the way he’s doing his job.

Prime Minister Macmillan and his Conservative party win a sweeping election victory.

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