It’s true. People can watch movies online entirely for free. Not only does this allow them to enjoy the stories from the comfort of their own sofa, but they save money since they aren’t required to buy cinema tickets whenever they want to watch something interesting.

However, as with everything, not all platforms that give these services are the same. Some are simply better than the rest and offer enhanced user-experience and safety while watching. Usually, their collections are huge and filled with films and TV shows that fall under multiple genres. Are you curious to discover which these sites are?

Then, continue reading as we present the top best platforms to use without worrying about malicious content and payments.


If there’s a site that adds the latest blockbusters quickly after their release and offers them completely for free, it’s 123Movies.

All the available videos are placed into categories, judging by their genre, country or release date with their respective posters and details regarding the plot. Once you spot something that you want to see, all you are required to do is press ‘play’ and you’ll be redirected to a page where the video will load.


Putlocker is a great site for those that know what they are looking for. Moreover, it features a big search bar at the center of the homepage where you can type a title or a cast member from the film you like to watch.

Aside from the simple interface, it has a list of all the uploaded movies put into categories to allow you to dive deeper into everything that’s offered. Of course, you shouldn’t give away any personal details or make payments in order to access the flicks.


Putlockers is a well-designed platform with an interface that’s easy to utilize and find your way around. Since it’s updated regularly, it has a specific section, containing all the titles that have been recently added.

Aside from this, users can browse through multiple collections and even search for films themselves.


One of the sites with the biggest collections is Fmovies. Movie fans can get lost in more than ten thousand titles spread across various categories and pages.

If you are a person with many devices, don’t worry as this platform works on a bunch of them. One thing that may bother some, though, is the fact that the videos don’t have subtitles.


At first glance, Veoh is a simple platform, but it actually has a lot of options people can take advantage of. For starters, there’s a section ‘My Veoh’ where you can save and bookmark episodes and films you’ve watched and come back to them whenever you feel like it.

On the other hand, there are groups and forum threads for sharing your love for movies and saying your thoughts regarding the videos you have already seen. Connected to this, all the flicks are easily accessible either through the search bar or the tabs at the top of the first page.

Top Documentary Films

Few can compete with Top Documentary Films when it comes to streaming and watching documentary movies. They are all separated by niches and are free to see without the need to create a profile.

A nice addition is the comments section where people leave their opinions on certain titles, allowing other users to decide whether to click on them.


Yidio is a bit different than the rest because it basically provides streaming links to other big free movie sites so that users can stream movies from there. However, it has its own collection, as well, so it’s on you to go for whichever you prefer.

Also, the quality is satisfying as the uploaded movies are usually in DVD quality. Moreover, you can quickly sort them by their rating or genre like animation, adventure, classics, western, and even musical.


This one is a popular site that doesn’t have an issue with ads. Moreover, the pop-ups don’t appear here due to the fact that it’s a part of the Google Ads network and that’s where it derives its income from.

Aside from this, the movies are spread across more than one website. Yes, there is a special one just for horror movies and for children.

Public Domain Torrents

There’s something interesting about public domain movies. Usually, these are classics that have been filmed a very long time ago or B-movies that to some audiences are very compelling.

All users can be absolutely sure that the videos are free of charge and are legal due to the fact that they fall under the public domain. A helpful feature to many viewers is the fact that the site shows the top 20 most downloaded films so that you can see what other fans out there watch.

Some of the titles you can come across on this platform include Night of the Living Dead, Gulliver's Travels, Attack The Battle for New Britain, and many more.

Big Five Glories

Lovers of classic movies can unite on this platform. It features the most popular ones in a lot of genres. Since they are watched on the YouTube player, it’s very convenient for everyone to utilize the platform.

Note that all films are in the public domain, so you have no copyright issues to worry about. Not to mention that there is a separate category just for silent movies, which you can get to at once if you are into this type of flicks. You can visit from here.

Pluto TV

Once you land on the homepage, you’ll feel like coming to a guide of a TV channel. All videos are clearly displayed together with their descriptions and ready to be watched a once.

Moreover, Pluto TV operated both as a streaming service on demand and as a TV channel where you can watch some of the offered flicks live like on a TV screen. How cool is that!

A Final Word

Now it’s your turn! We want to find out if you watch movies online and which platform is your favorite. So, start commenting here!

Published by Jason Roy