You might not be aware, but it is quite possible that your phone answering etiquettes can drive your potential customers away from you. It is quite obvious that a customer may switch vendors and chose to venture with your competitors because they are served with greater values and etiquettes. According to a research, seventy-four percent of the customer withdraw their interest from the current organization and venture with the competitors after experiencing a bad customer service. These experiences can be anything related to the customer such as long hold time, transference of calls, proper addressing, unable to contact the right person and so on.

It takes less than ten seconds to form a first impression upon your customers. First impressions are as important as attracting warm leads and converting them into customers. So, in order to get a positive response from your customers cultivates the required professional etiquettes.

Why your telephone answering style matters?

In a business world, good phone etiquettes play a crucial role. It is one of the most important factors to engage your customers even in this digital age. As a badly written script can ruin the essence of the movie, same way a bad presentation can ruin your business and brand name as well. A communication skill can reveal many important gestures of an agent. For example:

  • Your enthusiasm to entice customers
  • Your interest towards providing services
  • Your basic training
  • Your association with the brand
  • First impression

There are still many places where the basic medium of communication is excellent phone answering services. Therefore, while enticing your customers with good etiquettes, you can also generate more traffic for your organization.

Here are some crucial points to keep in mind before going on a call:

  • There are some basic ways to present your thoughts, products, or services. Just as an email full of writing errors can turn around your deals, in the same way, your attitude and way of talking can confine or facilitate your deals.
  • Answer your calls on the first ring: Long waiting times are certainly not liked by most of the customers. It is always best to encourage first call resolution techniques and reduce delay in answering the calls. First call resolution technique is answering a customer’s calls and giving them the appropriate solution for the very first time.
  • Try to incorporate professional etiquettes in you. Happy customers are always the best source to promote and market your brand. Therefore, try not to ignore calls or transfer the calls to the voicemail. It is impersonal and creates a negative impact on the customers.
  • Try to handle the problems by yourself unless it is critical and cannot be sorted by you. If the situation becomes complex, take help from your supervisor and then give a descriptive and appropriate solution to your customers.
  • Even if a customer is angry, and it is possible that the error was not even committed from your side, try to be calm and patient. Your professional etiquettes teach you to maintain the required decorum even if the conditions are not so favorable. Remain silent and listen to the customer.
  • Do not use slangs: Professional phone answering services encourages proper office mannerism and culture. Use simple and understandable languages. The level of conversation is moreover dependent on the relationship that exists between you and your customers. But as the general rules of work culture, being professional with a caller is favored.
  • Always be open to feedback and suggestions: Negative or positive feedback should always be welcomed. While positive feedbacks encourages you, negative feedbacks gives you an option to learn.

Things to avoid:

  • Offering too many choices: Customers do not encourage the idea of forcing too many choices upon them. It’s better to give them choices that they find useful and convenient in their everyday lives. Try to keep it simple and steady.
  • The most common complaint of the customers is that they are unable to reach the agents easily. Incorporating automated dialing helps to dissect the problems at various levels and provide solutions accordingly.
  • Overkilling the enthusiasm to call: Sometimes too much information about a customer can ruin your enthusiasm to call and entice a conversation. When you already know the required information about a customer, it is very difficult to keep the conversation going on.
  • Do not force your customers to buy stuff: The main motive of any phone answering services is to answer a customer’s query and update them with the details of the products and services. Do not deliberately force them to buy your products.


These etiquettes help you to attract customers and lead to your organization. More than anything, it is important to build a trustful relationship with them. Phone answering services take time but once you have created an impactful impression on the customers, you have way too many areas to expand your services.

Published by Zoe Sewell