Football is a wonderful sport with millions of fans worldwide. For such a vastly followed sport, it is expected that grand efforts go into designing and making custom football kits using football kit maker, like one from Zapkam – a leading manufacturer of custom created sports kit in the UK.

In spite of that, what may seem to require grander efforts is rinsing and washing your football shirts to the core. Being no alien to that issue we decided to share a quick rundown of tips to wash personalised football shirts.

Tip 1 – Make it a habit to empty your kit bag as soon as you are back home. Sure, you would be tired and a call for another activity may piss you off but leaving dirty stuff in kit bag may stain your football shirts and other sportswear. Therefore, it is highly advisable to wash your football kit soon after using, in fact the sooner the better.

Tip 2 – You must, as much as possible, endeavor to remove mud and grass off of your kits. In case you find your football shirts and/or garments heavily soiled, soak them in cold water for a couple hours before washing them in machine.

Tip 3 – As basic as it may sound, a first wash is a must for all new kits. And so is to wash the kit on its own in a separate load. In case that seem like a far cry, do this. Wash the shirts and other garments of similar colour, requiring same washing cycle as well as temperature, together. At this point, we must mention that you should be extremely wary of mixing light and dark colours in order to avoid stains from colour bleeding.

Tip 4 – Always remember to turn your shirts inside out, especially printed shirts, for both washing and drying. This will keep the print safe and colours, intact.

Tip 5 – Do not overfill the washing machine. In case there is surplus, wash in batches. 

Tip 6 – Temperature matters a great deal. So, remember you wash your personalised football shirts and football training jackets at forty degrees.

Tip 7 – Coming to the point about detergent, liquid detergent would be the perfect pick.

Tip 8 – The only best way to dry your football shirts and jackets is to tumble dry them. Any other way may cause damage beyond repair.


Tip 9 – Since we are talking about drying your printed or plain football shirts, we must advice you to dry them on an airer. No need to hassle much, simply let it dry at room temperature. And yes, direct sunlight would be harmful, and so would be drying on a radiator.

Tip 10 – Ironing is a big no-no for it may destroy any print, embroidery or even the fabric itself.

Tip 11 – It is often suggested to assign the task of washing kit to one person. This would ensure the kit is kept safe, and its contents, together. 

Those are your tips to follow. We sign off hoping this information helps.

Published by Shiva Kushwaha