Living in a flat or in a congested home with small rooms, can present a great challenge in front of you: How to make your constrained space seem larger. In spite of the fact that there are many advantages to renting a flat, having large space isn't generally one of them. Luckily, there are a few things that can be done to improve the situation without changing the apartment. 

To dispose of the mess and get the most out of your little space, utilize these ten space organization tips to maximize the space:


  • Use Shelving: When using shelves, or any racking for placing things, buy something that will reach the roof. More shelves lead to more storage space, and the end of that cramped feeling.

  • Include More Shelves: Don't restrain yourself to traditional bookshelves. You can add racking even above the toilet to make space in your washroom, or in your closet to amplify organization. Rather than having a headboard, introduce a racking unit so you can dump your nightstand and make more space.


  • Multifunctional: Everything in your flat should have numerous functions. Rather than having a couch, purchase a daybed. Instead of having chairs in the bedroom, use tables with drawers. Utilize your dining table as an office or work space when you're not eating (simply ensure you have some other space to store your supplies).


  • Hang Your TV: It is also a nice way to show your organizational skills. Hang your TV and keep the table underneath to store your clothes, books etc. It will amplify space as well as functionality.


  • Keep the Furniture at the Right Place: Angle furniture, for example, chairs, in the corner of the room and utilize the space behind it to store wicker container of things you can't discover space for (for example, that CD collection you can't force yourself to dispose of).


  • Organize Your Cupboard: There's no need of heavy jackets and pullovers consuming up space in your cupboard during the summers. Rotate clothing according to seasons and don’t keep anything in the cupboard that you don’t use often.


  • Raise your Bed: If your bed isn't sufficiently high off the ground to store containers underneath, purchase a bed lift to raise it sufficiently just to use space beneath the bed. You can likewise purchase baskets that are designed particularly to fit under beds. This will give you more storage space to store things.


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  • Use the Furniture Wisely: Instead of purchasing furniture that will make the illusion of large space such as glass tables and chairs with little legs; you can use your furniture wisely to create smaller rooms within your home to organize the flow of your space.


  • Rollaway Surfaces: When you need to organize small spaces, rollaway surfaces, similar to a wheeled kitchen cart, can give you space in the room and additional counter space in the kitchen when you require it.

  • Hidden Storage: To utilize every inch effectively, you will have to use as much hidden storage space as possible. In addition to lifting your bed, you can likewise hang a skirt around your table to store things underneath.


  • Do not buy unnecessary things: This is great for your space as well as for your pocket. Only buy things if you are throwing something out. This way, unnecessary things won't accumulate in your apartment plus you will have a chance to reconsider your purchase and whether you want to give something up for that.

Getting enough space to live is a lot more difficult these days. Especially in places like Edmonton and Calgary. So, if you rented a small apartment you will have to manage. Whether you live in a studio apartment or want to make more out of a small room, these ideas can help you in overcoming clutter in your Calgary or Edmonton rental apartment

Published by Robert Bint