Thursday, November 1, 1956   Vol. C592



 East Farewell- A chilly night did not discourage the ghosts and gremlins who came out to haunt the town last night. Main Street was alive or better said dead, with all sorts of creepy, ghoulish characters wandering along with no particular place to go. Many of the stores stayed open late and welcomed the zombies, mummies and witches in as long as they behaved and did not cast any spells. The rest of town had its share of trick or treaters too.  In an interesting development many people dressed their pets and paraded them through town. This was an unplanned spontaneous occurrence that seemed to come about by a lot of people having the same idea at the same time. People greeted each other and commented on their pets’ costumes. Lots of people gather on the Lakefront Plaza around 9:00 and there was whole group that held a completely unofficial, unsanctioned and unauthorized ‘Best Pet Costume” Contest. The general consensus was that there were many winners and no losers. Everyone had fun and there was talk of making the contest official next year. That would be worth seeing.

Dogs on Parade at Lakefront Plaza



East Farewell - The Cougars got back on track as they met a surprisingly good Central Bears team on Saturday. The Cougars were able to come away with a win, 28-17. The game started with the Cougars’ Billy Reilly running the kickoff back to the Bears forty. Dolan was able to work the opening drive down the field and turn it into a score with an end of the end zone pass to Mitch ‘Merc’ Mc Master. Freshman kicker, David Galloway, booted the extra point. Both teams traded possessions for the rest of the quarter with no further scoring.  Early in the second quarter, Wilson found daylight near the sideline and raced to a 66-yard score that put the quick-starting Cougars ahead, 14-0.

"Our left tackle, Jimmy Joe, pushed a guy down and created an opening for me," said Wilson, who carried six times for 82 yards. "Our line made it easy for me all day."

The Cougars (3-1 overall) allowed Central to rally by committing three turnovers. The Bears (2-2) turned two of them directly into scores and closed the once-sizable gap to 21-17 on Ed Wilson's 36-yard field goal midway through the third quarter.

"It's uncharacteristic of us," Cougars coach Al Burcowitz said of the miscues. "But we're still inexperienced. We have some young guys playing key roles for us."

In the final seconds of the third quarter, Wilson grabbed a left-side screen toss from Bill Dolan, found space along the same sideline, and left a pack of defenders in his wake en route to a 68-yard tally. The Cougars’ Billy Reilly carried 12 times for 105 yards and a fourth-quarter touchdown.

             Junior tailback Sam Madden sparked the Central Bears comeback with touchdown bursts of 10 and 7 yards. It wasn’t enough to catch the Cougars, though. The Bears fall to 2-3 while the Cougars advanced to 4-1 and a tie for first place in the league.  The Cougars stay at home next week to host the Southport Hawks. The game starts at 1:30 on the High School Field.



Israel claims capture of the Sinai Peninsula after a four-day campaign. An Egyptian force of about 20,000 had been committed to defense of the peninsula. British and French warplanes smashed at nine Egyptian airfields. President Eisenhower promises “there will be no United States involvement in these present hostilities.” “I therefore have no plan to call the Congress into special session.”

More Suez Canal News- British and French troops are poised to jump into Egypt. It is expected that British and French troops will occupy the Suez Canal zone until the United Nations established an International police force to keep peace in the Middle East. Meantime - Israel announces capture of Gaza and claims control of all Sinai Peninsula to points within 10 miles of the Suez Canal. President Nasser of Egypt vows to fight to the end against Britain and France and their “ally” Israel.  British and French paratroopers land on Egyptian soil, launching an invasion to take over the Suez Canal Zone.


The Russians launch a massive early morning attack against Hungary and apparently succeeded in ousting the government of Premier Imre Nagy. Soviet military might smashes Hungary’s freedom movement.  The Russians installed a Communist government patterned after the new Polish regime. Communist radio stations assert the anti-Communist revolt was crushed under the weight of Soviet tanks, guns and planes. President Eisenhower urges Soviet Premier Bulganin to withdraw Russian troops from bleeding Hungary and let the Hungarians choose their own government.  Soviet Russia serves notice it is prepared to use force to bring about an end to British and French actions against Egypt.  Premier Nikolai Bulganin warned the two powers invading Egypt that they face the risk of attack by a stronger power capable of launching rocket weapons if they do not end the hostilities.

Speaking from Washington on a closed-circuit TV hookup to Boston, President Eisenhower said, “The great objective of all Americans remains true peace.  There must be one law for all - not just for us. Our hearts go out for the people of Hungary and the Middle East. We will keep working for the kind of peace the whole world can participate in.




Published by JD Carroll