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East Farewell- Then winds of November are blowing in and the temperatures are starting to drop. It would seem like an ice cream social would not be the biggest of attractions but last Tuesday there was a gathering in the newest addition to the storefront on Main Street. The store was the newly opened “The Scoop” an ice cream and novelty shop that actually opened back in July but shut down in September with the intent that it would be a seasonal shop only. But when owners, Carla and Ned Stanton got repeated requests from almost everyone in town, they decided to reopen year round. Last Tuesday marked the grand reopening of The Scoop as a year round treat shop. The weather cooperated, too. The temperatures were a balmy high 60s and the crowds packed the shop, especially after school let out. The new store hours will be 10:00AM to 10:00PM Monday through Saturday. The location on Main Street makes it easy to access from almost anywhere in town.

            “This is a great addition to the town and as far as I know there isn’t anyone that doesn’t like ice cream. Even in November,” said Mrs. Mallard, a local boarding house owner, as she enjoyed he mint chocolate chip cone.

The Scoop was one of the participants in supplying food for the Homecoming Dance that took place after the football game on Saturday. Many happy Regional High School students enjoyed free ice cream as well as hot dogs and hamburgers during the dance.


New Ice Cream Shop on Main Street




East Farewell – The Cougars made their Homecoming an extra special event for the entire student body by besting the Sun City Eagles commandingly, 35-21. After a wonderful Homecoming ceremony that saw the crowning of the Homecoming king, queen and court followed by a rousing recital from the Regional High School Marching band the Cougars took the field and seemed to have control from the first snap. QB Dugan set the pace by using his full complement of weapons, his running backs, Joey O’Toole, Joey Neil and big Robby Blackman and his sure handed receivers, Albert Dillion and Max O’Hara to keep the Eagles defense off guard. By the end of the first half the Cougars held an impressive lead, 21-7. The second half started with the Eagles making their best drive of the game and scoring on their first possession and bringing the score to 21-14. Dugan then started to take over the game. Using Blackman time and again he drove the Cougars down to the Eagles 15. He then went to the air and attempted his first pass in the second half. He threw a fade pass over the shoulder of O’Hara who grabbed the perfect pass and stepped into the end zone untouched. The Eagles would not give up and at the end of the third quarter Eagles QB Carl Kistler was able to hit his favorite receiver, Steve Warren, for and thirty yard bomb that turned into a forty five yard score. While the Eagles were tenacious they were never able to really gain the upper hand in the game. They were stopped at the Cougars thirty with four minutes left and the Cougars were able to drive down and send big Robby Blackman right through the middle of the line for the final Cougars score.

            The Cougars travel to Riverview next week to meet the Wildcats for the second time this season. Far and away the highlight of that game was the introduction of the first female player in league history. Jennifer Jones has certainly made her name known and has been able to kick an impressive 15 field goals and 20 extra points so far this season. The Cougars will try to contain the hot Wildcats who are now tied with the Cougars in the league standings. The game begins at 7:05PM on Friday night at Riverview High School Field.



Mrs. Barbara Eisenhower cannot serve as First Lady “stand-in” for her mother-in-law while accompanying the President on his forthcoming goodwill trip abroad say officials. When it was announced earlier this month that Barbara would make the trip, she was dubbed unofficially as a substitute for the First Lady.

Air Force Captain Joseph Kittinger parachutes almost 15 miles to test new equipment designed to bring U.S. Fliers back alive from the fringes of space and setting a record for a fall.

The Census Bureau reports the U.S. population has hit 179 million.

In a Gallup Poll - Nixon is favored over John F. Kennedy 53% to 47%. 

Diplomatic reports say Russia is banding together with its satellites and to a lesser degree Red China in a giant “Communist” common market” to boost competitive power against the United States and Western Europe.

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