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East Farewell - The Regional High Science Club held its meeting on Tuesday afternoon on the Fairgrounds field. They set up a new experiment in which four teams competed to blast off their own homemade rockets. Each team had chosen a rocket technology and set up their own launch pad. Each rocket was powered by a different type propellant and each had its own guidance system, so to speak. The object of the exercise was to determine which type propellant would be the best and achieved the highest altitude. Four very different rockets were brought to the site and all four blasted off successfully. Unfortunately Team Blue which was using an alcohol-based fuel saw their rocket explode right after liftoff. Team Red had better luck with their compressed air fuel, their rocket lifted off and up to an interesting 50 odd feet before running out of fuel and falling back to earth. Team Green saw their rocket, powered by solid gunpowder, achieve the highest altitude but also the most spectacular demise, exploding like a firework at approximately 150 feet off the ground. Team Yellow tried an unusual fuel mixture of high octane gasoline and ether. While their rocket seemed to have the most power it lacked any control in its ascent and spiraled off into the lake but was very impressive with its thrust and speed.

The whole exercise was sparked by the new interest in space travel that was generated by last month’s Russian launch of Sputnik. Regional High senior science class5050 instructor, Mr. Martin Davis, who also is the coordinator for the science club came up with the idea a couple of weeks ago and presented it to the club as a challenge. The members of the club, who are all seniors, embraced the challenge with great enthusiasm and set about their tasks of building the next United States space ship. Their enthusiasm brought many new ideas to the discussion from forms of propulsion to guidance mechanisms and “reentry” methods. Each of the teams designed their own rocket but all the rockets with similar, pointed cylinders with fins on the end. The propulsion methods varied greatly from the green team’s simple gunpowder system that made the rocket resemble a Chinese New Year’s festival fireworks device to a much more complicated mixture used by the yellow team that involved highly volatile gasoline and ether. The blue team with their alcohol-based propulsion system was hoping for a better outcome but was stymied on the line launch pad when there rocket ignited before liftoff. The red team’s rocket used the simplest form of propulsion, compressed air. That was much akin to letting the air out of a balloon and trying to control where it went. The guidance systems were very basic if existing at all. Only the red team had a bona fide guidance system using a balance level that was connected to the fin system in an ingenious system of fishing line and tackle hardware. All the reentry systems consisted of parachutes that were deployed after the engine shut off. None of the reentry systems deployed.

The event attracted many spectators beyond just the club members. The families of the club members and friends all gathered to watch the event. With each launch the crowd counted down from 10 to 0 and simultaneously shouted blast off. Each launch whether successful or not was greeted with cheers, laughter and in some instances ducking out of the way. After all the rockets had been launched Mr. Davis charged each of the teams to write up an analysis of their own rocket analyzing its performance and what possible improvements could be made for the next launch. Mr. Davis declined to give a date for the next launch but promised there would indeed be another launch.

The crowds watch the blast off



Riverview - The Cougars came in to Riverview hoping to stop the Wildcats red-hot streak at five games. They were able to contain the Wildcats until the last three minutes of the game when Wildcats kicker, Daniel Fishman, was able to kick a season long 30 yard field goal to win the game, 24-21. The Cougars came into the game expecting a battle and they were not let down. The Wildcats showed why they were the league leading team by taking the opening kickoff down the field for a score. Then Cougar’s defensive end, Daniel Green, took command of the defense after the quick score and rallied the Cougars to hold off the Wildcats red-hot offense for the rest of the first half. Meanwhile quarterback Bill Dolan was able to use a mixture of tough running and smart passing to take the Cougars in for two scores by the end of the first half. As the half ended the Cougars were on top 14 to 7. The second half started with the Cougars taking the ball down but not being able to score from the 20 yard line. Galloway’s field goal attempt fell short and was fielded by Wildcats wide receiver, Darren Wilson, who took the ball on a short bounce and ran the ball back catching the cougars by surprise. He was able to swing around the outside and galloped down the sideline for a Wildcats score. It is believed to be the longest runback of the year, 101 yards. The momentum had clearly shifted to the Wildcats and the Cougars were held to several nonproductive possessions. Finally in the fourth quarter Dolan was able to connect with wide receiver Max O’Hara who was able to break two tackles and run in for a score putting the Cougars back in the lead, 21 to 14. The Wildcats would not quit and immediately drove down to the Cougars 13 and Wilson was able to take an end around in for the tying score. As the fourth quarter wound down the Wildcats defense wound up and held the Cougars to a one first down, 15 yard advance and forced a punt by Galloway. Wilson fielded the ball on the Wildcat 25 and raced down the sideline into Cougar’s territory. With less than two minutes left and the Wildcats faced with a fourth and three the Wildcats coach decided to take a chance with Fishman and sent him out for a 30 yard attempt. The snap was clean and in spite of Daniel Green’s valiant attempt at a block Fishman booted the ball smartly and aggressively through the uprights. This week the shoe was on the other foot as the Wildcats stormed the field and carried off Fishman in their arms.

Next week the Cougars will take on the Fort Lee Captains in a Thanksgiving Day game that has become a bit of a tradition as the “Gimmick Game” where both coaches, Al Burkowitz for the Cougars and Chuck King for the Captains, try to outdo each other with gimmick plays and other shenanigans that make for a very spirited but slightly unorthodox game. Both coaches are old friends and look forward to the game no matter where either team stands in the league standings. The game will be played on Thanksgiving Day after the Thanksgiving Parade concludes in town. The game is scheduled for 4 o’clock on the Regional High field.



President Eisenhower suffers an artery block in his brain in what is called a mild brain occlusion. His speech is affected slightly and shows no other damage.  As a result of the Eisenhower news, the stock market took a dive - an average loss of $7 per share.

Vice President Nixon declares that President Eisenhower is “perfectly capable of making any major decisions.” 

President Eisenhower is reported recovering rapidly. His resignation rumor is spiked “once and for all” by VP Nixon. Later, it’s revealed’s feeling much better and may fly to the NATO talks in Paris December 16.

Gen. Thomas White Air Force Chief of Staff declares that the Air Force’s next goal will be to rule space.

New shooting erupts on Israel’s borders with Syria and Jordan.

Elvis Presley receives an edict from the Los Angeles Police Department during the singer’s Pan Pacific auditorium concerts, to “clean up the show or else.” The police ordered the vice squad to have Presley eliminate all sexy overtones in the show.

WCFL Chicago bans all Elvis Presley records. It had to do with all the hoopla surrounding the premiere of Elvis’ “Jailhouse Rock” movie.

Elektra Records will market a stereophonic tape line called Dyna-Tapes. 30-minutes will retail at $11.95 and 45 minutes at $14.95. Initial release in the line includes “Four French Horns” by Mat Mathews and “Vibe-rant” featuring Teddy Charles. The format of course is reel-to-reel. Look for it beginning next month.


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