Friday, November 27, 1959   Vol. C752



East Farewell – The 1959 East Farewell Thanksgiving Day Parade marched through town yesterday much to the delight of everyone. The holiday and the parade landed on Thursday so this edition delayed one day so the parade and all the holiday festivities could be covered. The editors and publishers decided unanimously to delay the publication and all the advertisers were in favor of the delay because it gave them the first chance to advertise for the coming holiday season since most people were taking a day of today and many were spending time with family and some where even shopping for the holidays already.

            The parade kicked of right on time at 9:00AM from the Fairgrounds which had been the designated staging area. This year there were more marching bands, more civic associations, more floats and even more dogs from the local ASPCA shelter. The lead off band this year was the Regional High Jazz band. They usually don’t march but they made an exception this year when they were asked to lead the parade. With only 15 members in the band they looked a little thin compared to the other “real” marching bands but with trumpets, saxophones, trombones, a French horn and a tuba there was no lack of volume and presence. They made some very interesting selections to play as they marched down Main Street. Along with a variety of seasonal tunes they wowed the crowd with Sweet Georgia Brown and When the Saints Come Marching In. The crowd loved it.  They were followed by several floats from local retailers, the magnificent fire engines from some of the area fire companies, the Regional High Pep Band, which led off last year’s parade marched with great gusto lived up to their name, the VFW Vets in full uniform and of course the SPCA led by Director Jan Crowley. The parade was larger this year than ever before but all the favorites were still there. The Slate Mountain String Band, a crowd favorite, along with the very entertaining Flat Rock Twirlers with their flaming batons brought cheers from the crowd. The always popular Dancing Super Strutters from Central came down in front of the Regional High Science Club who made their second appearance in the parade and once again set off their homemade rockets from the Lakefront plaza after the parade.

            The Regional High Marching Band took its traditional place next to last in the parade wowing the crowd with wonderful march tunes, seasonal favorites and traditional Christmas tunes. They escorted Santa and Mrs. Clause to Boyle’s Department Store in downtown. This year the East Farewell Fire Department supplied its extension latter truck to give Santa a third floor access via the extended latter to a specially designed third floor window entrance. This year Mrs. Clause followed Santa up the latter and stood beside him waving from the window before going inside Boyles “Santa’s Wonderland”. Santa will be available daily from 10:00AM until a half hour before store closing until December 23rd.

            Charles Boyle, store owner and parade sponsor, was elated with the turnout and could hardly contain himself. “This has to be the best turnout ever! We just love this parade and this holiday. Every year it gets bigger and better,” he said when asked for his opinion outside his store after Santa had arrived, “We just love hosting the parade and we are really happy that other businesses have joined in in the sponsorships. It is just a great town event.”

            After Santa went into Boyles the store opened for an exclusive shopping affair that ran from noon until 5:00PM to officially kick off the holiday season. They will be open normal times today and Saturday (10:00- 6:00). This year’s parade was bigger and longer than ever and the crowd was the largest ever. This was 12th annual parade and it was estimated that over 10,000 people attended the parade. This influx brought a big boost to the local economy and will probably carry through the weekend.

Santa climbs into Boyles to open the Christmas season



Riverview – The Cougars had their hands full with a red hot Wildcats team on Friday night. The Wildcats were on a winning streak and tied with the Cougars in the league standings. The game was wild from the start. On the opening kickoff the Wildcats receiver, Nelson Graff, got under a high kickoff by Regalia and looked like he was going to signal for a fair catch but he didn’t. He got under the ball and with Cougars closing in on him he grabbed the ball faked left and went right to evade two would be tacklers. He was able to run up to the thirty five yard line but was the met with a gang of Cougars and the ball popped out of his hands. The Cougars were swarming around Graff and Cougar Daniel Green was able to fall on the loose ball at the Wildcat 32. This looked a very fortunate turn of events for the Cougars. Cougar QB, Kevin Dugan, lined up the squad and called for the ball. The usually reliable Cougars center, Louis Tiller had to hike a long snap back to Dugan who had lined up in a shotgun formation. When Dugan called for the ball Tiller seemed to graze his leg as he hiked the ball and sent the ball along the ground to a very surprised Dugan. He was able to scramble and recover the ball then he tried to finish the planned play which was a short out pass to Albert Dillon. The timing was all off due to the bad snap and Wildcat defender, Mark Janson was able to get in front of Dillon and intercept the ball. He had a wide open field ahead of him and managed to make it down to the Cougars thirty when finally a very angry Dugan was able to tackle him. In less than two minutes the game turned into a wild fight to the finish. The Wildcats were stopped on that drive by a frenzied Cougar defense that would not let the Wildcats advance more than five yards and had to punt.

            The Cougars scored first with a grinding drive with strong running by backs, Joey O’Toole, Joey Neil and big Robby Blackman. Dugan took the Cougars down to the seven and tried two short passes but the Wildcat defense was impenetrable. Finally on third down Dugan gave the ball to Blackman and sent him right up the middle. The Wildcats were caught off guard, expecting another pass, and Blackman blasted into the end zone for the score. The Wildcats came right back and scored on a similar tough grinding drive capped off with a ten yard pass to the end zone from Wildcat QB, Carl Dunlap to Graff. The Wildcats kicker, Rachel Zone, the first and only girl to play in the league has been setting records and turning heads since her debut in the first Wildcat-Cougar matchup kicked another extra point. She had been perfect all season. Both teams scored again before the half ended. The halftime score was 14-14.

            The second half started a lot like the first but in an opposite way. The Cougars fumbled on their first drive and the Wildcats drove down to the Cougar 25 but new Cougar tackle, Mitch Rooney, caused a Wildcat fumble and the Cougars got the ball back. They were able to drive down to the Wildcat 22 and on fourth down they sent in Sammy Regalia. All the kicker attention so far had been centered on Zorn but Regalia had built up an impressive record himself. He had only missed one field goal so far and that was a 45 yard attempt. He set up on the 30 and kicked a field goal straight and true to make the score 17-14. The Wildcats came back and scored a touchdown on a long pass to David Franks to take the lead for the first time. The Cougars pushed the Wildcats back down to their own twenty five and Dugan was able to drop and perfect pass to his favorite receiver, Max O’Hara for a score and retook the lead, 24-21. The Wildcats went right back on the offense and with only 30 seconds left they sent in Zorn to attempt a 40 yard field goal. She had hit a 43 yard field goal earlier in the season and the Wildcats were confident. The ball was snapped and both Rooney and Green broke through the Wildcat line and rushed Zorn. She remained calm and tried to follow through with her kick but Green stuck his hand up and was able to tip it with his fingers just enough to knock it off. He then ran right into Zone completely crushing her. The ball bounced off to the sideline. Green picked himself up and then without hesitation extended his hand to Zorn who was flat on her back. The display of sportsmanship did not go unnoticed as both the referee and both coaches came over. Green shook hands with Zorn and it is rumored that he apologized for flattening her. She apparently accepted his apology, patted him on the back and ran off the field. The clock had run out and the Cougars had won a hard fought 24-21 game.

            The Cougars come home this week to face the Fort Lee Captains in a Thanksgiving weekend game that has been subtitled “The Gimmick Bowl” Coach Burcowitz and Captains coach, Chuck King, are old friends having played together in college. They have played each other for five years and each game has taken on a festive atmosphere. Both coaches have rolled out all their trick plays, misdirection and just plain wacky plays to try and outdo the opponent in both skill and audacity. Usually a great time is had by all. The game begins tomorrow at 3:30PM at the Regional High School Field.



General Motors will resume passenger car assembly December 7 after nearly a month-long shutdown because of a steel shortage.

Is Cuba in the Communist’s pocket? - Castro’s increasing “hate America’ campaign. Many believe only one reason can explain it. It is because the Communists want it that way and Castro has agreed to it.

Cuba’s organized labor withdraws from the Inter-American Regional Organization of Workers. The resolution for withdrawal from the anti-Red inter-American organization charged the group is under control of “American imperialism, which has consistently supported all dictators”

Fidel Castro seized the Havana Riviera Hotel, built two years ago by the Smith Brothers of Toronto at a cost of $15 million. The hotel had been losing approximately $10,000 daily since the Castro regime came into power January 1. The hotel last summer had sought permission from the government to close down for the hot months due to the losses. The government said no and a plea to lay off excess employees also was turned down.

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